The previously announced retail sales tax rate reduction, introduction of a green levy and the tobacco tax rate increase that were effective July 1, 2020 have all been deferred until further notice.
For important information regarding tax filing deadline extensions please refer to the following notice:
UPDATED Notice Fuel 20-04 - IFTA - Waiver of Credentials 

Taxation Division 

Fuel Tax

The Fuel Tax Act taxes consumer purchases of fuel at the following rates:

Product Description Tax Rate Per Litre Effective Date
Clear- Diesel and Gasoline 14.0¢ May 1, 2012
Railway Diesel 6.3¢ January 1, 1995
Propane and Butane 3.0¢ July 1, 2002
Marked Gasoline 3.0¢ May 1, 2012
Commercial Heating Fuel 1.9¢ April 1, 1987
Bunker Fuel and Crude Oil 1.7¢ April 1, 1987
Aviation Fuel 3.2¢ October 1, 1997
Aviation Fuel- Commercial Cargo Flights 1.5¢ July 1, 2009
Product Description Tax Rate Per Cubic Metre Effective Date
Natural Gas to be used in operating a motor vehicle 10.0¢ March 31, 2015

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