1.3.5 Child Sexual Exploitation

Volume 1:

Agency Standards

Chapter 3:

Child Protection

Section 5:

Child Sexual Exploitation



The focus of this section is on children (persons under 18 years of age) who are coerced, lured or engaged into a sexual act, exploited through the sex trade or pornography (also known as child sexual abuse images), with or without their consent, in exchange for money, drugs, shelter, food protection or other necessities or rewards.

Policies and standards in this section are in addition to those in Section 1.3.3 Child Abuse and Section 1.3.4 Provincial Child Abuse Investigations. Other relevant manual sections include Section 1.3.7 Working with Law Enforcement and Section 1.4.7 Absent and Missing Children.


The following definitions in Section 1 of The Child and Family Services Act are directly relevant to this section:

  • Child abuse is as an act or omission by a person that results in physical injury to a child, emotional disability of a permanent nature or likely to result in such a disability, or sexual exploitation of a child with or without a child’s consent.
  • Child pornography (also commonly referred to as child sexual abuse images) has the same meaning as in Section 163.1 (1) of the Criminal Code (Canada).
  • Reporting entity is an organization, agency or person designated by regulation (Child Pornography Reporting Regulation).
  • Child Sexual Exploitation has the same meaning as in 153 (1) in the Criminal Code (Canada)  

Section 17 of the Act states a child is in need of protection where the life, health or emotional well-being of the child is endangered by the act or omission of a person. Illustrations in subsection (2) include a child who is abused or in danger of being abused including where the child is likely to suffer harm or injury due to child pornography (child sexual abuse images).

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