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StreetReach Program


StreetReach is part of Tracia's Trust, the Manitoba government's strategy to prevent sexual exploitation of children and youth. The StreetReach program currently includes a Winnipeg team (formed July 2009) with representation from child welfare, law enforcement and non-governmental organizations who work collaboratively to respond to children and youth at high risk of being violently victimized through the sex trade.
Manitoba's StreetReach Program is based on the Dallas (TX) Police Department's High Risk Victims Unit model. It has four goals.
  1. Stop children and youth from running away from home or other residences.
  2. Prevent future sexual abuse and exploitation.
  3. Redirect runaway children to stop them from being victimized.
  4. Intervene with those who exploit young, high risk victims.
StreetReach team members believe that child/youth sexual abuse, regardless of the causes (sex trade, family history, third party pressure), is a complex community issue. They work with children and young people in Winnipeg who are at the highest risk of sexual abuse through sexual exploitation previously known as youth prostitution - on the street, through the Internet and behind closed doors.
Manitoba’s StreetReach program has received acknowledgement and accolades from other police and CFS agencies across Canada, and from other Canadian experts and writers on the issue of child sexual exploitation and trafficking, as a unique and promising response to missing, exploited and trafficked children.

High Risk Victims

A high risk victim (HRV) is a child or young person who has been assessed by a team of professionals to be at an extremely high risk of being violently victimized through the sex trade. They are children/youth who need immediate, intensive intervention. Once a child/youth has been deemed a high risk victim, a co-ordinated response plan is set up. The plan involves professionals from health systems, social service systems and justice systems to locate the child/youth and return him or her to safety as quickly as possible.
The StreetReach team uses several factors to assess risk levels, including but not limited to:
  • chronic running away from home or other residences
  • previous incidents of being victimized
  • harmful alcohol and/or drug abuse
  • mental health issues

StreetReach Goals

The primary goal of the program is to locate and return youth to their placement or place of safety while building safe and trusting relationships.
The StreetReach team helps:
  • locate sexually exploited children/youth and intervene immediately;
  • prevent high-risk runaway children/youth from becoming exploited;
  • sexually exploited children/youth who are missing escape further exploitation;
  • identify and handle predators/offenders

StreetReach Benefits

Research shows that team of professionals from several fields, who work together, have greater understanding, better efficiency and more success when working with high risk victims. Co-ordinated StreetReach team members share a variety of experiences and skills that make them particularly effective at intervention and prevention. They can also co-ordinate and share their departmental and agency resources to use them more effectively. The StreetReach team in Manitoba has showed important achievements, including:
  • identification of children who are already being sexually exploited
  • identification of children who are a high risk to become sexually exploited
  • fast response times from team members when children are in danger or at risk
  •  co-ordination of outreach, child welfare and law enforcement agencies
  • children/youth located and returned to safe homes or residences
  • increased number of prosecutions for offenders
  • special resources provided to exploited children/youth

StreetReach Team Members

  • Addictions Foundation of Manitoba (AFM)
  • B & L Homes for Children Ltd.
  • Blue Thunderbird Inc.
  • Canadian Centre for Child Protection Inc., Child Find Manitoba (Child Find)
  • Child and Family All Nations Co-ordinated Response Network Inc. (ANCR)
  • City of Winnipeg, Winnipeg Police Service (WPS)
  • Knowles Centre Inc.
  • Macdonald Youth Services (MYS)
  • Manitoba Families, Child Protection Branch (CPB)
  • Manitoba Justice, Child Victim Support Service (CVSS)
  • Marymound Inc.
  • Project Neewchewan
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)
StreetReach also works in collaboration with law enforcement services in cities/towns across Manitoba, including the Brandon Police Service in an effort to strengthen partnerships that address missing and exploited children and youth. This includes providing a rapid and coordinated response to safely locate missing, exploited children and youth and to successfully identify their offenders.

For more information

Child and Family Services Division
Manitoba Families
777 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg MB R3G 0N3
Ph: 204-945-6941; Fax: 204-945-6717
Email: streetreach.winnipeg@gov.mb.ca