About the Department

Manitoba Health is a department within the Government of Manitoba. The department operates under the provisions of the legislation and responsibilities of the Minister of Health. The legislation, as well as emerging health and health care issues, guide the planning and delivery of health care services for Manitobans.

Manitoba Health strives “…to meet the health needs of individuals, families and their communities by leading a sustainable, publicly administered health system that promotes well-being and provides the right care, in the right place, at the right time." This is accomplished by providing strategic direction and leadership to the provincial health system.

Manitoba Health administers one of the most complex and publicly visible social program provided by the government. The program is delivered partially by the department and partially through grant agencies, arm’s length health authorities, independent physicians, or other service providers paid through fee-for-service or alternate means. It is a complex combination of insured benefits, funded services provided through public institutions ranging from community-based primary care through to tertiary teaching hospitals, and publicly regulated but privately provided services such as proprietary personal care homes.

Manitoba Health also manages the insured benefits claims payments for residents of Manitoba related to the cost of medical, hospital, personal care, Pharmacare and other health services. Most direct services are delivered through regional health authorities, and other health care organizations; however, the department manages the direct operations of Selkirk Mental Health Centre, Cadham Provincial Laboratory and provincial nursing stations.