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Health Human Resource Action Plan

We are taking action to strengthen our health system now and for our future.

In November 2022, the Manitoba government announced a $200 million Health Human Resource Action Plan moving to end mandated overtime and adding 2,000 nurses, doctors, allied health professionals and support staff across the province.

Retain, Train, Recruit

Our action plan incorporates comprehensive initiatives and incentives — many of which are already underway. It focuses on three main pillars: retain, train and recruit.

Find out about the immediate actions we are taking to increase health human resource capacity and improve care for all Manitobans.


Hire 2,000 providers into the Manitoba
health-care system


We're moving forward.

Check back often. We'll post about the progress we are making here.

Manitoba Government Nearly Doubles Investment in Retention, Training and Recruitment of Health-care Providers Manitoba Government Targets Recruitment of 150 Family Physicians Manitoba Government Adding 17 Clinical Psychologist Positions for Improved Access to Mental Health Care
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Find health careers in Manitoba

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For feedback on the Health Human Resource Action Plan contact: healthhumanresources@gov.mb.ca