Midwifery in Manitoba

Publicly funded and regulated midwifery was introduced to Manitoba in June 2000 with the proclamation of the Midwifery Act. Since that time, midwives have provided health care for thousands of Manitoba families. Manitoba midwives work in northern and remote communities, southern and rural communities, and in urban areas.

Midwives are primary care providers and part of the health care team. They can order tests, prescribe medications related to maternal/newborn care, diagnose and treat minor problems, and attend births as the primary attendant. Midwives can also refer you to family physicians and specialists, and to public health nurses and community resources. You do not need a referral to see a midwife.

In Manitoba, midwives care for woman and newborns in many settings:  in communities, homes, clinics, birth centres and hospitals. They attend births in homes, birth centres and in hospitals. A free-standing birth centre opened in Winnipeg in 2011. The facility is the first of its kind outside of Quebec. The centre is a collaborative effort of the Women’s Health Clinic and the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, supported by MHSAL. For more information, please visit:  womenshealthclinic.org/what-we-do/maternalhealth/the-birth-centre/

Midwifery Services in Manitoba:

Four Manitoba Health Regions offer midwifery services:

Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority offers limited midwifery services through arrangements with a neighbouring region.

Working as a Midwife in Manitoba:

Midwifery is a regulated health profession in Manitoba and the title “Midwife” is protected. Any person in Manitoba practicing midwifery or identifying themselves as a midwife must be registered with the College of Midwives of Manitoba.

Information about registration in Manitoba is available from the:
College of Midwives of Manitoba
230 - 500 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg MB   R3C 3X1
Phone: 204-783-4520
FAX: 204-779-1490

For those with midwifery education from outside of Manitoba, the Manitoba government immigration website provides information on requirements for registration as well as information on health careers in Manitoba.

Information about current midwifery postings can be found by contacting the Midwives Association of Manitoba,or the MB Healthcare Providers Network.

Primary Health Care Branch
1090-300 Carlton Street
Tel:  204-788-6732
Fax: 204-943-5305
Email:  phc@gov.mb.ca