Frequently Asked Questions About Home Clinic

What is Primary Care?

Primary care is a patient’s first point of contact with the health-care system to receive services that promote health, care for common illnesses and manage ongoing health problems. It is the foundation and home‐base for the patient within the health-care system. 

Research shows that a strong primary health-care system is the key to long term health in our communities. 

What is a primary care Home Clinic?

Primary health-care clinics in Manitoba can choose to become a Home Clinic. This means that they agree to work closely with Manitoba Health to coordinate and manage your health care. They act as your home base within the health-care system, providing the majority of your primary care and managing your health-care records. They also commit to providing patients timely access to high quality, continuous and comprehensive primary health-care services (e.g. treatment of minor ailments and management of chronic conditions).  

What do you mean by my main primary care Home Clinic?

Your main primary health-care clinic is the clinic and provider you choose to act as your home base within the system. This will be the office or clinic your family doctor or nurse practitioner works in.

What do you mean by a main Primary Care provider?

A main Primary Care Provider is the family doctor or nurse practitioner you choose to manage the majority of your primary health-care needs.

Your main Primary Care Provider will help you stay healthy by:

  • conducting your regular physical exams;
  • caring for most of your common illnesses ;
  • knowing and monitoring some of your health risks;
  • making referrals to other health-care providers in the health-care system as needed; 
  • receiving and managing information about your interactions/consultations within the system; and
  • acting as a “home base” for you and the health-care system. 

What are the benefits of choosing one main Primary Care Provider?

The heart of primary care is the relationship your have with your family doctor or nurse practitioner. A long term relationship with one main family doctor or nurse practitioner who knows your medical history and coordinates your care will lead to your best health outcomes.

Choosing one main Primary Care Provider will also strengthen the primary health-care system by directing your health-care information more effectively and assist in ensuring you have continuity of care.

Does this mean I can’t see other primary health-care providers?

No. Confirming one main provider will not prevent you from visiting other primary care providers (for example: a walk-in clinic), but it will help your main Primary Care Provider manage your health care records and your overall health care needs.

We recommend that you seek care for emerging health care needs from your main Primary Care Provider first whenever possible.

Can I confirm more than one main Primary Care Provider or Home Clinic?

No. Patients may only confirm one main Primary Care Provider and primary care Home Clinic. Our primary objective is to improve the continuity of care and information for a patient. In order to achieve this objective, only one Primary Care Provider can be identified. If you are unsure which provider should be your main Primary Care Provider, ask the family doctor or nurse practitioner you usually see and they will help you to determine which should be your main Home Clinic. The final choice is yours.

What do I need to do to confirm my main provider?

If you have not already had a conversation with a primary Home Clinic, or have not received a letter from them, we recommend asking at your next visit to the primary care Home Clinic with which you get the majority of your care. They will be able to confirm your enrolment status.

Can I change who my main Primary Care Provider is?

Yes, you can choose a different Primary Care Provider at any time. Please just let your current main Primary Care Provider know you are switching and they will change that information on their records. 

I do not have a family physician or other regular Primary Care Provider. Can you help?

Yes. Manitoba’s Family Doctor Finder program can help to connect you with a health care professional that best suits your needs. You can register with Family Doctor Finder online or by calling 204-786-7111 or toll free (1-866-690-8260) Monday to Friday between 8:40 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Why is all of this important?

Confirming your main clinic lays the foundation for the sharing of essential health information between your main provider and other health-care providers. In the future, your main provider will ensure that authorized providers in a QuickCare or walk-in clinic from whom you seek care will be able to access vital health information such as current health conditions and active medications (with your consent). That information will help ensure that providers outside your main Home Clinic are able to provide the quality health-care services you need. In return, those providers (with your consent) will be able to send your main Home Clinic pertinent information about your visit. This continuity of information benefits everyone involved.

For more information about primary health care services in Manitoba, contact your regional health authority office:

Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority
Phone: 204-785-4700 or Toll-free: 1-855-347-8500

Prairie Mountain Health
Phone: 204-483-5000 or Toll-free: 1-888-682-2253

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority
Phone: 204-926-7000

Northern Regional Health Authority
Phone: 204-687-1300 Toll-free: 1-888-340-6742

Southern Health-Santé Sud
Phone: 204-428-2720 Toll-free: 1-800-742-6509

For any other inquiries about primary health care in Manitoba, please contact us.