Personal Service Facilities

Operators of personal service facilities in Manitoba must maintain and operate their establishments in a way that prevents health hazards from occurring. These guidelines are designed to assist the operators of personal service facilities in preventing the transmission of communicable diseases (i.e. Hepatitis B, staph, HIV) or infestations (head lice, body lice) from common-use articles and sharp instruments.

Public health officials will use these guidelines when assessing whether a personal service facility is being operated in accordance with The Public Health Act.

Before any Body Modification Establishment can commence operation in the City of Winnipeg, the operator requires a PERMIT TO OPERATE issued by Manitoba Health (Health). Any new, or remodelled establishments must first register with Health. Any and all name changes or ownership changes must also be registered with Health. Owners and operators may do so by completing the registration forms found on our website and by faxing or mailing the completed form and all required information to the Winnipeg regional office.

If you are performing services that are considered a body modification under the City of Winnipeg Bylaw No.40/2005, you are required to hold a Body Modification Technician Certificate. The certificate is given to those who have successfully passed the Body Modification Exam. The exam is a multiple choice exam that addresses infection control issues. If you are interested in writing this exam, please contact our office at 204-945-3705 or email.

Protecting Yourself at Nail Salons

Most nail salons work hard to make sure their clients enjoy a safe service. However, there are ways that infections can be spread if proper steps of prevention are not followed. This guideline gives you the information you need to know.