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Program Objective and Overview

Secondary suites are a type of rental housing located on a property that normally accommodates a single-family house.  It is a dwelling unit secondary to an
existing primary dwelling unit and contains its own entrance, kitchen, bathroom and living area.  Secondary suites can increase the number of affordable rental units available in the housing market and create more opportunities for home ownership.

The Secondary Suite program provides financial help to eligible homeowners for the construction of a secondary suite.  The financial assistance is provided in the form of a forgivable loan for 50 per cent of the total construction and renovation costs, to a maximum of $35,000.

Homeowners enter into a 10-year agreement, over which time the loan is forgiven on a pro-rata basis.

The secondary suite can be:

  • in the basement or an above ground addition to the main dwelling

  • a garden suite which is a self-contained unit that is not attached to the principal dwelling, but built on the same property

  • a carriage suite or garage suite which is a self-contained unit located above or attached to the side or rear of a garage

The Secondary Suites Program is provided with the financial support from the Government of Canada.


Program eligibility is established when the applicant, the primary dwelling, the secondary suite and costs meet the following criteria:

  • Applicant
    • The applicant must own the property and live in the primary dwelling full-time where the secondary suite is to be developed. For new construction, confirmation that the applicant will own and occupy the property needs to be provided.

    • The applicant must be willing and able to enter into a legal agreement with Manitoba Housing and fulfill the requirements of the program.

  • Primary Dwelling
    • The existing primary dwelling must meet Manitoba Housing minimum safety and health standards.

  • Secondary Suite
    • The secondary suite must be a private, self-contained residential unit that meets all national, provincial and municipal bylaws, codes and standards.
    • The resident(s) of the secondary suite must have an annual gross household income at or below the applicable threshold, in accordance to the Affordable Housing Rental Program Income Limits, as set out by Manitoba Housing.

    • A lease agreement with the rental rate, at or below the maximum rental rate in accordance to the Affordable Housing Rental Program Rents – Includes Essential Utilities, as set out by Manitoba Housing is required. The monthly rental charge must be inclusive of essential services (heat, water, and gas). If the owners rent out the unit to relatives and choose not to charge a monthly rent, a formal rental agreement is still required.

  • Costs
    • Eligible costs include the following:

      • costs associated with applying for funding, including creating drawings of the proposed construction/renovation and obtaining a building permit

      • costs associated with building the secondary suite, including material and labour costs incurred after loan approval

      • all taxes, legal costs and other costs associated with applying for and building the secondary suite that are incurred after loan approval
    • Costs associated with bringing an existing primary dwelling up to the minimum standards or to comply with municipal building codes cannot be funded by the Secondary Suites Program.

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Step-By-Step Program Timeline

  • Homeowner reviews program information and pre-qualification checklist
  • Homeowner requests Secondary Suite Program application.
  • Homeowner submits funding application package to Manitoba Housing with all required documents.


Read the step-by-step program timeline in PDF format (PDF)

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How To Apply

  1. Review program information and complete the pre-application checklist 

  2. Contact us for an application and for detailed information on the program at:
  3. Complete the Secondary Suites Application Form.  A complete application package includes the following documents:
  4. Submit completed application and supporting documents to the address below
    • Secondary Suites Program
      Manitoba Housing
      Housing Delivery Branch
      200-352 Donald St.
      Winnipeg, MB R3B 2H8

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