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To provide consistency and fairness for all Manitoba Housing tenants and applicants, decisions are based on standard operating procedure and policy. In those situations where unique circumstances require exceptions to policy, tenants are able to access the Manitoba Housing Appeal Process. All appeals are reviewed and decided upon by the Administrative Review Committee (ARC). The function of the ARC is to conduct a thorough investigation of the appeal, ensuring all rules, regulations and policies are applied consistently; and to determine if an exception should be made. ARC will provide Manitoba Housing's final ruling on your case in writing.

When should I use the appeal process?

An appeal should be submitted when a tenant/ applicant or representative believes that:

  • Manitoba Housing Policy has not been followed.
  • An exemption to the policy should be considered.
  • Policy should be reviewed or amended.

Who is ARC? And what do they do?

The Administrative Review Committee consists of Manitoba Housing senior executives who have been selected to review appeals and determine if an exception is warranted. The ARC may:

  • Overturn, vary or confirm the decision under review; or
  • Substitute any decision that could have been made in the first instance;
  • Impose any condition it deems appropriate when making its decision.

What are common types of appeals?

  • Cancelled Application for Manitoba Housing
  • Transfer request denied
  • Calculation of rental rate
  • Adding additional persons(s) to lease
  • Removal of warning letter from tenancy file
  • Removal of property items off Manitoba Housing premises

What can't be appealed?

  • Issues before the Residential Tenancies Branch (RTB)
  • Issues ruled on by RTB/higher jurisdiction or higher level of court
  • Collection of arrears and damages.

To make an appeal, or to obtain more information, please contact:

Administrative Review Committee
Telephone: 204-945-5477

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