Mineral Commodities in Manitoba

Manitoba's outstanding world-class deposits are central to building a prosperous and robust economy, to fostering sustainable and strong communities, and to strengthening employment growth for all Manitobans. These deposits include copper-zinc, gold, nickel, rare metals, lithium and potash, of which more information can be found in the brochures linked below. Detailed information describing Manitoba's potential to host uranium and the discovery of diamonds can also be found below.

Critical minerals are also crucial to Manitoba’s economy and security. They fuel our society and have a variety of uses in industry, manufacturing, modern technology, and clean or low carbon technologies (e.g., solar panels, wind turbines, electric vehicles). Manitoba is well endowed in these commodities and well positioned to offer a competitive supply. Please see the related link below for further information.

Manitoba is home to large areas of high mineral potential in remote regions of the province which remain under-explored when compared with similar regions elsewhere in Canada. These areas represent a prospective avenue for considerable growth in Manitoba’s mineral sector and may provide significant employment opportunities for northern and Indigenous communities near new mineral exploration and development projects.

In Manitoba, exploration is the driving force behind a sustainable mining industry that depends on the discovery of new deposits to succeed. Our formula of quality geoscience data coupled with our rich natural resources forms a solid foundation for Manitoba's minerals sector.


Copper-Zinc in Manitoba
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Nickel in Manitoba
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Gold in Manitoba
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Rare Metals in Manitoba
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Critical Minerals in Manitoba
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Uranium in Manitoba
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Potash in Manitoba
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Diamonds in Manitoba
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Lithium in Manitoba
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