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Winnipeg GAC-MAC Fieldtrip Guidebooks, 2013 and 1996


Click on titles to download PDFs of each guidebook. Materials are available in alternate formats upon request.

Field Trip Guidebook FT-C5 / Open File OF2013-1
Ordovician-Silurian boundary interval in the Williston Basin outcrop belt of Manitoba: a record of global and regional environmental and biotic change
R.J. Elias, G.A. Young, L.A. Stewart, M.W. Demski, M.J. Porter, T.D. Lukie, G.S. Nowlan and E.P. Dobrzanski

Field Trip Guidebook FT-A2 / Open File OF2013-3
Volcanological and Structural Setting of Paleoproterozoic VMS and Gold deposits at Snow Lake, Manitoba
Alan Bailes, Kate Rubingh, Simon Gagné, Craig Taylor, Alan Galley, Sarah Bernauer and Darren Simms

Field Trip Guidebook FT-A1 / Open File OF2013-4
The Rice Lake mine trend, Manitoba: regional setting, host rock stratigraphy and structural evolution of a classical Archean orogenic gold system
S.D. Anderson

Field Trip Guidebook FT-B1 / Open File OF2013-5
Geology of the Manitoba Legislative Building
Jeff Young, Graham Young and William C. Brisbin

Field Trip Guidebook FT-C3 / Open File OF2013-6
The Volcanological and Structural Evolution of the Paleoproterozoic Flin Flon Mining District, Manitoba: The Anatomy of a Giant VMS System
Harold Gibson, Bruno Lafrance, Sally Pehrsson, Michelle DeWolfe, Kelly Gilmore, Renée-Luce Simard and Brett Pearson

Field Trip Guidebook FT-C2 / Open File OF2013-7
Mafic and ultramafic intrusive rocks and associated Ni-Cu-(PGE) and Cr-(PGE) mineralization in the Bird River greenstone belt, southeast Manitoba
H.P. Gilbert, M.G. Houlé, X.M. Yang, J.S. Scoates, R.F.J. Scoates, C.A. Mealin, V. Bécu, V.J. McNicoll and C.R. Galeschuk

Field Trip Guidebook FT-C1 / Open File OF2013-8
The Tanco Mine: Geological Setting, Internal Zonation and Mineralogy of aWorld-Class Rare Element Pegmatite Deposit
T. Martins, P. Kremer and P. Vanstone

Field Trip Guidebook FT-A4 / Open File OF2013-9
Upper Cretaceous-Paleocene stratigraphy and mineral resources of southwestern Manitoba (parts of NTS 62F, G)
J.D. Bamburak and M.P.B. Nicolas



Click on titles to download PDFs of each guidebook. Materials are available in alternate formats upon request.

Evolution of the Thompson Nickel Belt, Manitoba: Setting of Ni-Cu Deposits in the Western Part of the Circum Superior Boundary Zone
W. Bleeker and J. Macek

Late Holocene Environmental Changes in Southern Manitoba
E. Nielsen, K. D. McLeod, E. Pip and J.C. Doering

Petrology and Mineralization of the Tanco Rare-Element Pegmatite, Southeastern Manitoba
P. Cerny, S. Ercit and P. Vanstone

Lithostratigraphic Assembly of the Eastern Rice Lake Greenstone Belt and Structural Setting of Gold Mineralization at Bissett, Manitoba
K.H. Poulson, W. Weber, R. Brommecker and D.Seneshen

Western Superior Transects: Wabigoon-Quetico-Shebandowen and English River-Winnipeg River-Wabigoon
G. Beakhouse, G. Stott, C. Blackburn, F.W. Breaks, J. Ayer, D. Stone, C. Farrow and F. Corfu

Tectonic Assembly of the Paleoproterozoic Flin Flon Belt and Setting of VMS Deposits
E. Syme, A. Bailes and S.Lucas

Geomorphic and Sedimentological History of the Central Lake Agassiz Basin
J. Teller, H. Thorleifson and G. Matile

Physical Volcanology, Hydrothermal Alteration and Massive Sulphide Deposits of the Sturgeon Lake Caldera
R. Morton, G. Hudak and E. Koopman

Lower to Middle Paleozoic Stratigraphy of Southwestern Manitoba
R. Bezys and H. R. McCabe

Geology of the Lac du Bonnet Batholith, Inside and Out: AECL's Underground Research Laboratory, S. E. Manitoba
R. Everitm, J. McMurry, C. Davison and A. Brown

Industrial Minerals of S.E. Manitoba
B. Schmidtke and J. Bamburak

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