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March 3, 2023
Open File:
OF2022-3: Progress report on the study of granitoids in Manitoba: petrogenesis and metallogeny

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Release for March 3, 2023


Open File OF2022-3 coverOPEN FILE


Progress report on the study of granitoids in Manitoba: petrogenesis and metallogeny
by X.M. Yang

This report presents petrological and geochemical characteristics of diverse granitoid rocks in 48 intrusions emplaced into various domains (belts) in parts of the western Superior province and Trans-Hudson orogen within Manitoba, and investigates their geodynamic settings, petrogenesis and mineral potential. The major findings of this study are that muscovite- and/or garnet-bearing S-type granitic rocks characterized by low MS values (<0.1 × 10-3 SI unit), ferroan, calcalkaline and strongly peraluminous affinities intruded exclusively into and/or occurred close to collisional (or terrane/domain boundary) zones, which were associated genetically with critical metals (e.g., Li, Ta, Cs, Nb, Be)–enriched pegmatite intrusions. In addition, this report is accompanied by Data Repository Item DRI2022012 and a GIS-based database containing information about the UTM coordinates, field relationship, tectonic unit, petrography, lithogeochemistry and available U-Pb zircon geochronology of 323 granitoid samples collected from these granitoid intrusions.

This publication also includes:

  • ArcGIS shapefiles of the geochemical data
  • Data Repository Item DRI2022012: Whole-rock geochemical and Sm-Nd isotopic data of granitoid rocks from Manitoba (parts of NTS 52E, 52L, 52M, 62I, 62P, 63J, 63P, 64A, 64B, 64C, 64F)

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