The Body Armour and Fortified Vehicle Control Act

The Body Armour and Fortified Vehicle Control Act was phased in between January 1st and April 1st of 2012. A copy of The Act and Regulations are attached for your information and reference.

The Act creates provisions that:

  • prohibit possession of body armour unless a  person holds a valid body armour permit,
  • restrict the sale of body armour unless a person holds a valid seller's licence or is exempted by regulation, and then only to exempt persons or permit holders,
  • prohibit persons from owning or driving a fortified vehicle unless under permit or if exempt.

The Act allows for exemptions to the permit requirement for body armour and fortified vehicles. Licensed security personnel are included under these exemptions (please refer to The Act and Regulations).

Exemptions also exist for front line responders such as police, fire, ambulance, band and community constables, provincial sheriffs and corrections officers, federal employees required to wear body armour and armoured vehicle service employees.

More information about the exemptions can be found in The Act and Regulations.

Persons may apply for a permit to possess body armour, sell body armour, or to own or drive a fortified vehicle. Applications will only be granted after a screening process is completed by the Director.

Any questions regarding the application process or the Act may be directed to the Public Safety Investigations Unit at 204-945-5885.

The Body Armour and Fortified Vehicle Control Act


Application for a Permit to Possess Body Armour

Application for a Permit to Own or Drive a Fortified Vehicle

Application for a Body Armour Seller’s Licence