Victims of Serious Crimes

The Victims' Bill of Rights (VBR)

The Victims' Bill of Rights (VBR) came into effect in 2001. This legislation specifies the rights of victims of the most serious crimes (see Understanding The Victims' Bill of Rights). The bill ensures crime victims' rights are recognized and protected in their dealings with police, prosecutors, courts and corrections officials.

The Victim Rights Support Service deals with criminal court cases involving victims of serious crimes as defined under The Victims' Bill of Rights. Your crime victim services worker will assist you during the court process and talk to the Crown attorney about your concerns.

How do I receive services under The Victims' Bill of Rights?

Victim services workers explain the rights and services available to victims of the most serious crimes. They will guide you through the process of dealing with police, prosecutions, courts and corrections officials. Your worker will advise you about your options, rights and responsibilities under the bill.

Victim Rights Support Service helps victims who qualify for services by:

  • helping them register for their rights under the VBR
  • explaining when and how they may exercise their rights
  • providing information about the prosecution and results of the case against the accused
  • providing court support and information, when possible

Visit the Victims’ Rights Registration section of our site for more information.

Do I need a lawyer?

A Crown attorney is assigned to present your case in court, at no cost to you. You do not need to hire a lawyer.

Victim Impact Statement

Victim Impact Statements apply to all victims of crime and allow victims to tell the court how they have been affected by the crime. For more information, please visit the Victim Impact Statement Program area of our site.

Contact Information

Manitoba Justice Victim Services
Victim Rights Support Service
1410 – 405 Broadway
Winnipeg, MB R3C 3L6
204-945-0662 in Winnipeg
1-866-4VICTIM (1-866-484-2846) toll free, outside of Winnipeg