Manitoba Municipal Funding

Grants and Payments to Municipalities

The Government of Manitoba continues to provide comprehensive funding support to all 137 municipalities to address operating and capital priorities critical to maintaining healthy, sustainable communities through the Strategic Municipal Investment Fund - Manitoba's basket funding model. The basket funding model for municipalities reduces red tape and provides municipalities with a fair say and flexibility over how best to invest provincial funds in their communities.
Funding includes Municipal Operating support to address key service priorities and core programs, and Strategic Infrastructure funding to address priority capital projects, including water and wastewater treatment plants, waste management facilities, public transit, roads and bridges, and recreation projects.
The Department of Municipal and Northern Relations works with the Department of Consumer Protection and Government Services to support federal-provincial projects administered by Capital Project Planning and Delivery, and municipal water and sewer projects administered by the Water Services Branch of the Department of Consumer Protection and Government Services.

Grants-in-lieu of Taxes 

The Government of Manitoba pays grants to municipalities for over 9,000 provincially-owned properties located within municipal boundaries in lieu of the taxes that otherwise would be payable if the properties were subject to municipal and education property taxes.

Municipal and Northern Relations Application Based Funding

In addition to basket funding, the Government of Manitoba offers funding under stand-alone programs that address particular municipal needs. These programs include:

Municipal Funding from Other Departments

In addition to funding administered by the Department of Municipal Relations, municipalities receive support from other departments across government. Some funding may be provided to select municipalities to address specific needs, including the Urban Policing Grant administered by Manitoba Justice, the Dutch Elm Disease Management Program administered by Agriculture, and Manitoba Airport Grant Assistance administered by Transportation and Infrastructure.
Other municipal programs that are available to all municipalities via an application based process, can be accessed by the following links: