Habitat / Fish Culture

The Section supports efforts to conserve, evaluate, restore, and enhance both fish communities and aquatic ecosystems to achieve a net gain in healthy, productive fish stock. The objectives of the Section are to coordinate, evaluate and develop science-based programs that support the sustainability of aquatic ecosystems and enhance, restore and develop the habitat to sustain fish resource and the benefits that they provide Manitoba.

The Fisheries Science group is responsible for evaluating: the impact of all projects development in Manitoba on its fisheries resources; fish health and disease issues; fish transfers and movement; in-stream flow needs; aquatic invasive species; aquatic species at risk; and intergovernmental programs engagement under the Canadian Council of Fisheries and Aquaculture Ministers (CCFAM).

The fish culture program rears and distributes fish for recreational, commercial and conservation stocking needs throughout the Province. The program operates the Whiteshell fish hatchery year-round and two seasonal facilities at Swan Creek and Clearwater Lake.

Image of a sunset over a lake with trees in the background.

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