Keystone Archives Descriptive Database Help

Keystone is the online database designed to help you find archival records held by the Archives of Manitoba. Not all holdings are represented in the database.  The database is growing and will be updated regularly on the web.

Table of Contents

Searching Keystone

  1. Search Keystone

  2. Advanced Search Options

    a) Listings

    b) Archival Descriptions

    c) Record Creators

    d) Browse Record Creators

Understanding Search Results

  1. Keyword Search Results

  2. Listings Search Results

    a) Search Results

    b) Listings Full Display

    c) Gallery

    d) Full List of Records for a Fonds or Series

  3. Archival Descriptions Search Results

    a) Search Results

    b) Archival Descriptions Full Display

  4. Record Creators Search Results

    a) Search Results

    b) Record Creators Full Display

  5. How Archival Records Are Organized

    a) How Government of Manitoba and Hudson’s Bay Company records are organized

    b) How private records are organized

Emailing Descriptions and Viewing Archival Records

  1. Saving and Emailing Selected Descriptions

    a) Select and Save Records

    b) Email Saved Results

    c) Save or Print Results

  2. Requesting and Viewing Archival Records

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