If you think a child is being harmed or neglected,
contact CFS at 1-866-345-9241.
Note: If this is an emergency, contact your local police emergency number.

The Role of Child Protection

Child Protection, under The Child and Family Services Act and The Adoption Act, ensures that the community and the family provides for the well-being of their children.
Child Protection supports a network of mandated authorities to provide quality services that:
  • strengthen families to enable children to have nurturing caregivers that provide opportunities to establish life long relationships;
  • engage communities to resolve issues that affect the safety and well-being of children; and
  • protect children.
Services are provided to communities, families and children. Services include counselling; education; emergency assistance; practical support; treatment; and temporary care, including foster care or residential care, while issues are being resolved, or appropriate permanent care, including adoption, when reunification is no longer possible.
Foster homes are approved and managed by the mandated authorities. Individuals interested in becoming foster parents are encouraged to contact the agency or authority in their area.
Child Protection also provides centralized supports to the authorities, organizations and individuals related to the well-being of children through:
  • Provincial registries such as the Adoption Registry, Post-Adoption Registry, Paternity Registry, Child Abuse Registry and the Child and Family Services Information System;
  • Information sharing with other provinces, territories and countries;
  • Provincial/Territorial Protocol on Children and Families Moving Between Provinces and Territories;
  • Financial assistance for eligible adopting families;
  • Licensing of not-for-profit adoption agencies and residential and treatment resources;
  • Coordination of admissions and discharges from residential and treatment resources;
  • Investigation of abuse by service providers and concerns related to services; and
  • Sharing of police information to assist in screening potential service providers for work with children and in child protection and abuse investigations.

For more information, please contact:

Child Protection Branch
2nd Floor - 777 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg MB R3G 0N3
Phone: (204) 945-6964
Email: cfsd@gov.mb.ca