How to Use the Manual

How to Use the Manual

The Employment and Income Assistance Administrative Manual is provided for information purposes only. While changes in the program will be incorporated in the manual as quickly as possible, new policies may not yet be reflected in the manual. Program staff should be contacted for specific information when necessary.

Policy Manual Index

The "policy manual index" includes a list of all the major sections in the manual. Each section describes a different topic and is marked with a different number. Once you have selected a particular section, the screen will display the portion of the table of contents that contains the individual topics within that section.


Table of Contents

The table of contents includes all of the individual topics under each section. Once you have selected an individual topic, the on-line manual will open to the text on that topic.


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Inquiries About the Manual

If you would like more information about the topics in the manual, please contact Employment and Income Assistance at 204-945-2177 or, if you are outside of Winnipeg, call toll free at 1-800-282-8069.

Service Information and Office Locations

Service Information

For information about the EIA program or enrollment within Winnipeg, contact either:

204-948-4000 or go to 111 Rorie Street for service in English; or
204-948-4000 or go to 3rd Floor - 170 Goulet Street for service in French.

Office Locations

The following are the 10 offices located outside of Winnipeg:

Central Region
Morden Regional Office  MO
290 North Railway Street
Morden MB  R6M 1S7
Phone:  204-822-2870
Toll-Free:  1-888-310-0568
Central Region
Portage Area Office  PO
106 – 25 Tupper Street N
Portage la Prairie MB  R1N 3K1
Phone:  204-239-3060
Toll-Free:  1-866-513-2185
Eastman Region   BE
Beausejour Regional Office
P.O. Box 50 / 20 – 1st Street S.
Beausejour MB  R0E 0C0
Phone:  204-268-6028
Toll-Free:  1-866-576-8546
Interlake Region   SE
Selkirk Regional Office
101 – 446 Main Street
Selkirk MB  R1A 1V7
Phone:  204-785-5105
Toll-Free:  1-866-475-0215
Parkland Region
Dauphin Regional Office  DA
P.O. Box 12 / Room 309 – 27 2nd Ave S.W.
Dauphin MB  R7N 3E5
Phone:  204-622-2040
Toll-Free:  1-866-355-3494
Parkland Region
Swan River Area Office  SR
P.O. Box 997 /1431 – 1st Street N.
Swan River MB  R0L 1Z0
Phone:  204-734-3491
Toll-Free:  1-888-269-6498
Northern Region
The Pas Regional Office  TP
Box 2550
The Pas MB  R9A 1M4
Phone:  204-627-8311
Toll-Free:  1-866-443-2292
Northern Region
Flin Flon Area Office  FF
102 – 143 Main Street
Flin Flon MB  R8A 1K5
Phone:  204-687-1700
Toll-Free:  1-866-443-2291
Northern Region
Thompson Area Office  TH
Room 107 – 59 Elizabeth Drive / Box 22
Thompson MB  R8N 1X4
Phone:  204-677-6713
Toll-Free:  1-866-677-6713
Westman Region   BR
Brandon Regional Office
2nd Floor,  340 – 9th Street
Brandon MB  R7A 6C2
Phone:  204-726-6438
Toll-Free:  1-866-726-6438