Section 11 - General Assistance


General Assistance Cases - Automated (PDF 180 KB)

11.1.1 Definition and Legislative Authority

General assistance is the name given to assistance provided by EIA to participants who are not eligible under any of the categories of eligibility described in Section 5(1) of the Act. In other words, a general assistance applicant or participant is an applicant or participant who is

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11.1.3 Employment Expectations and Sanctions


New General Assistance Childless Case (GACC) Letter (PDF 100 KB)

SAMIN Letter – Sanction Review (SARE) (PDF 88 KB)

Tracking and Monitoring of Work Expectations (PDF 154 KB)

Work Expectation Codes (PDF 38 KB)

Employment Expectations

Under section 10(1)(a) of the Regulation, all general assistance (GA) applicants and participants are subject to employment expectations, unless they have been deferred. (For more on who is subject to employment expectations, see section 6.3.5. For more on the circumstances under which employment expectations may be deferred, see section 6.5.3).
Under sections section 10(1)(e) to (g) of the Regulation, all GA applicants and participants who are subject to employment expectations must satisfy EIA staff that they:
  • have not quit or been fired from a job that they might reasonably have held (see section 6.5.4);
  • have not refused employment that they might reasonably have obtained (see section 6.5.4); and
  • are undertaking any employability enhancement measure recommended by EIA staff.


Under section 10(2) of the Regulation, assistance may be denied, reduced, suspended or discontinued when childless GA applicants fail to comply with the employment expectations described above.
Under section 10(3) of the Regulation, GA applicants and participants with dependent children may be subject to an assistance reduction of $50 per month for failure to comply with the employment expectations described above.
(For more on the process for administering sanctions, see sections 6.7.3 to 6.7.6).

11.1.4 Basic Assistance

Rates applicable to general assistance participants
Basic assistance rates for general assistance (GA) households are found in Schedule A, section 7 of the Regulation.
See section 18.4.1 for GA rates in northern Manitoba.

11.1.5 Special Needs

General assistance participants are eligible for special needs. See section 21 for more detailed information on special needs.

11.1.6 Health Services

For provisions regarding health services for EIA participants, see section 22.
The following sections contain health services provisions specific to general assistance participants: