Enforcement Actions

If support is not paid on time or in full, and if a support payor has not made payment arrangements with MEP, enforcement action(s) can be taken.

Federal and provincial laws provide MEP the authority to take enforcement actions, including the following:

  • Support deduction notice (garnishment) - Require anyone who owes the support payor money to pay it directly to MEP through a support deduction notice (SDN). An SDN may be applied to almost any income or money asset. An SDN issued to a financial institution (i.e. bank or credit union) may prevent you from accessing your account in any way (i.e. ‘freeze’ your account) depending on the financial institution’s policies.
  • License and vehicle registration - Request that Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) suspend or refuse to issue or renew a support payor’s driver licence or motor vehicle registrations.
  • Passport suspension - Request that the federal government suspend a support payor’s passport and/or other federal licences (for example: pilot or marine licence).
  • Credit Bureau - Report the support arrears to the credit bureau. This may affect a support payor’s ability to qualify for a credit card or take out a loan.
  • Property seizure - Seize personal property and arrange for the sale of such items (writ of execution).
  • Land title registrations - Register a lien against any land a support payor may own.
  • Personal property registrations – Register a lien against any personal property a support payor may own (including a car, boat, trailer or home).
  • Notice to appear - Require a support payor’s appearance before a designated officer to review your financial circumstances and ability to pay.
  • Summons to court - Issue a summons for a support payor to attend court before a judge or associate judge that could result in fines of up to $10,000.00 amount or incarceration.

How to stop enforcement actions

Please contact MEP to discuss options to stop enforcement actions. Some options may include making voluntary payments, entering a payment arrangement or an administrative suspension of enforcement (please see the Payment Arrangement and Administrative Suspension of Enforcement sections).

Cost Recovery Fees

A fee may be charged for enforcement actions taken or payments returned by your financial institution. This fee is payable to the Manitoba Government, not to the support recipient.

Action Fee Amount
Credit Bureau Registration $0.00
Federal Licence Denial (passport, pilot, marine licence) $50.00
Federal Support Deduction Notice $50.00
Licence Suspension/Refuse to Renew $50.00
Pension Benefit Garnishment $50.00
Personal Property Registry $636.00
Returned Item/ Non-Sufficient Funds $50.00
Wage & Non-Wage Support Deduction Notice $50.00
Land Titles Lien $114.00
Seizure of Property $100.00
Summons $200.00