Courts Division

The Courts Division of Manitoba Justice manages the effective and efficient delivery of court services throughout Manitoba. The three courts of Manitoba are the Court of Appeal, the Court of Queen’s Bench and the Provincial Court. For further information about the courts in Manitoba, please visit Manitoba Courts.

Aboriginal Court Workers
Court Workers help people who are in conflict with the law. They also help to communicate information about the individual to the Judge and Crown attorney. The Aboriginal Court Worker Program was started to aid persons of Aboriginal origin who come before a court.

Fine Option Program
The law allows a person who has been fined to pay cash or, if unable to pay, register in the Fine Option program. Under this program, participants perform unpaid community work equal to the value of the fine instead of going to jail for non-payment of fines.

Applying for (criminal) Records Suspensions and Clemency
If you were convicted of a criminal offence and have completed your sentence and wish to apply for a records suspension, please visit the Parole Board of Canada web site and learn more about making an application.


Understanding Post Bail Process

Maintenance Enforcement Program