Manitoba Maintenance Enforcement Program
Assisting with Payment of Family Support

Maintenance Enforcement Program (MEP) Contact Information / Communicating with the MEP

The MEP is authorized by The Family Maintenance Act (FMA) to administer the spousal and child support obligations under the terms of a Court Order or Agreement.

Additional services are available through the Family Resolution Service including guidance on recalculating or changing a court order or referrals to legal assistance and mediation. For more information please visit

Contact the MEP if you have questions or concerns:

100 – 352 Donald Street
Winnipeg MB R3B 2H8
Telephone: 204-945-7133
Toll Free: 866-479-2717
Fax: 204-945-5449

Please include your full name and file number when communicating with the MEP.

Please note that only the following attachment types are able to be loaded into our system: pdf; txt; doc; jpg; gif; tif; bmp; and docx.

The MEP is committed to protecting the personal and financial information of our clients. We will never ask you to give us financial information by phone or text message, nor will we ask you to pay your balance through the use of a credit card.

What We Do

The Maintenance Enforcement Program (MEP) is authorized by The Family Maintenance Act to administer the spousal and child support obligations under the terms of a court order or agreement. The MEP helps children and families by assisting a debtor (person making payments) with meeting the support obligations and forwarding those payments to the creditor (person receiving payments) once a court order or agreement has been registered with us.

The MEP’s goal is to provide for the regular payment of support based upon the payment dates and support amounts in your court order or agreement. We work with both parties to meet the best needs of the file and enforcement action may become necessary if payments are not received.

The MEP does not have the authority to change your court order or agreement or help you with custody or access. The MEP is an impartial program serving both clients to meet the best needs of their court order or agreement. MEP’s authority and involvement does not allow us to provide legal advice. These issues are considered a private legal matter between the parties and you may want to explore your legal options with a lawyer. Information on client and legal resources is available here.

Making payments – Debtors

If you are a person that is required to make support payments, please select the “Making Payments – Debtor” link above to learn more about debtor involvement and responsibilities

Voluntary Payment Options:

MEP does not accept personal cheques.

Receiving payments – Creditors

The Maintenance Enforcement Program is set up to monitor and enforce court orders and separation agreements requiring payment of maintenance support to ensure the well-being of children and other dependents. If you are a person that receives support payments, please select the “Receiving payments – Creditors” link above to learn more about creditor involvement and responsibilities.

Registering with the MEP

Complete and submit a Registration Package. The Registration Package is available here and includes the following forms:

  • Identification Form
    To provide contact information for yourself and the debtor including information that may assist with enforcement.
  • Statutory Declaration
    To provide the amount of support that may be owing prior to registration.
  • Direct Deposit Form
    To provide banking information for payments to be deposited directly into your account.
  • Fax and Email Authorization Form
    To provide the MEP permission to communicate with you by fax or email.
  • Opt In Form
    To confirm registration of the order with the MEP and collection of late payment penalties.

Instructions are provided to help you complete the forms.

Additional Documents Required for Separation Agreements:

  • Original Support Agreement or Notarized Copy of the Agreement - A Support Agreement must be registered in the Court of King’s Bench by the program to administer any maintenance support provisions.
  • Statutory Declaration - Separation Agreement

For additional information please see Registration Information.