How MEP Works

MEP is a free service offered by the Government of Manitoba to assist a support payor with meeting their spousal and child support payment obligations to the support recipient. MEP works with support payors to voluntarily meet their payments. However, if payments are not received as required, enforcement action could be taken.

MEP is unable to: To assist families, the MEP:
Guarantee payment of support. Will attempt to facilitate regular payments of support through voluntary payments or enforcement actions if needed.
Change the payment obligations in a support order or agreement. There are some circumstances where MEP has authority to change the enforcement of the support terms. For more information, visit:
Assist with collection of support when there is no support order or agreement. Refer families to the Child Support Service to seek a child support calculation or recalculation decision

Refer families to public and community based resolution options that may result in an enforceable court order, separation agreement or family law arbitration award.
Work with any parts of a support order not directly related to support payments. For example: MEP cannot administer parenting or contact orders (child custody/access), division of property, etc. Refer families with concerns to public and community based resolution options
Provide legal advice or representation to families. Refer families to public, private and community based options for legal advice or representation.
Share information about a MEP file There are some exceptions where MEP may share file information as necessary for the enforcement of support.