How to Register

Before registering with MEP, you will need:

  • A support order or support agreement (including Child Support Service decisions and family law Arbitration awards) that sets an enforceable amount of child or spousal support.
  • Only a support recipient can register a court order.

The Manitoba Court of King’s Bench automatically sends MEP court orders that contain support provisions. A Recalculation and Enforcement Information Form (70W), filed with the court order, is forwarded to MEP to confirm the support recipient’s intention to register with MEP.

Once a support order or agreement is received, if the 70W requests registration, MEP will send an invitation letter with a registration package to the support recipient. Registration packages can be requested directly from MEP for orders made in or outside of Manitoba.

Either party, the support payor or recipient, may provide a support agreement to register with MEP. The agreement must contain a clause allowing it to be registered with MEP or both parties must consent in writing to register.

The registration package is available online or by contacting MEP. The registration package includes the following forms:

Instructions are included to help you complete the forms or you can visit MEP’s office for assistance filling out the forms. MEP staff can witness the statutory declarations for registration free of charge.

Both parties will be notified once the file is activated.