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STANDING COMMITTEE INDEX - 3rd Session - 42nd Legislature

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ACCESS Program

Elimination of

Altomare, SED212

Goertzen, B., SED188

Kinew, SED188

Shannon, SED212

Adair, Jennifer (Private Citizen)

Advanced Education Administration Amendment Act (Bill 33)

Public presentations, SED221


Differential tuition fees, SED221

Ministerial authority, SED221

Adams, Danielle (Thompson) NDP

Birth alerts

Elimination of, SED40

Child and family services agencies

Birth alerts, elimination of, SED40

Child care

Affordable spaces, SED42-43

Before/after care for school-aged children, LA297

Fee increase inquiry, SED43

Inclustion support programs, SED34

KPMG review, release of, SED45

Private services, impact on women, LA225

Wait times, SED41-42

Weekend and overnight care, LA306

Child-care centres

Compliance-based licensing, LA308

Evening, weekend hours of operation, LA213

Funding freeze, LA234, LA294, LA298

Inclusion support program funding, LA266, LA313-315

Nursery grant program, LA231

Child-care centres, COVID-19

Expired masks, SED44-45

Child-care spaces

Operating subsidies, SED35, SED41

COVID-19, child-care centres

Expired face masks, SED44-45

Disability Support Act and Amendments to The Manitoba Assistance Act (Bill 72)


Schedule A, SED567

Long-term financial planning, SED554

Opening statements, SED566

Short-term, episodic disabilities

One year vs. ninety day time period, SED543-544, SED546

Early childhood educators

Education and training, LA222

Early learning and child care

Federal/provincial funding, LA255

KPMG report, LA275, LA305

Early Learning and Child Care Act (Bill 47)

Child-care workers, one year training requirement, LA305

Employees who are certified, LA308

Non-profit/for-profit centres, distribution of grant money, LA310-312

Opening statements, LA304-305

Privatization concerns, LA211

School-age programming, LA217, LA228, LA239, LA250-251, LA259-260, LA292, LA305

Inculsion support programs, SED34

Manitoba Poverty Reduction and Social Inclusion Strategy-Annual Report-March 31, 2018

Opening statements, SED34

Questions, SED35, SED40-45

Manitoba Poverty Reduction and Social Inclusion Strategy-Annual Report-March 31, 2019

Opening statements, SED34

Questions, SED35, SED40-45

Manitoba Poverty Reduction and Social Inclusion Strategy-Annual Report-March 31, 2020

Opening statements, SED34

Questions, SED35, SED40-45

Addictions Foundation of Manitoba

Education programs

Campbell, A., SED514

Adeleye, Sophia (Brandon University Students' Union)

Advanced Education Administration Amendment Act (Bill 33)

Public presentations, SED181-183

Brandon University

Discovery development grants, SED182

Post-secondary education

Funding, SED181

Governance, ministerial oversight, SED182

Student unions

Self governance, SED181


Differential tuition fees, SED182, SED183


Self governance rights, SED182

Administrative Tribunal Jurisdiction Act (Bill 27)

Constitutional and Charter rights

Friesen, JU35

Opening statements

Fontaine, JU35-36

Friesen, JU34-35

Adult literacy. See Literacy, adult

Adult Literacy Act

Repeal of

Dallmann, LA50

Silver, LA43

Advanced Education Administration Amendment Act (Bill 33)


Clause 2(b)

Ewasko, SED327

Moses, SED327


Dela Cruz, SED321

Ewasko, SED305, SED326

Hayer, SED213

Henderson, SED198

Mihychuk Marshall, SED307

Monkman, SED305

Moses, SED327

Indigenous students, impact on

Monkman, SED305

Moses, SED305

Innovation, impact on

Curnow, SED314

Legal challenges to

Forbes, S., SED224

Hladun, SED178

Low-income students, barriers for

Moroz, SED295

Opening statements

Ewasko, SED325-326

Moses, SED326-327

Persons with disabilities, impact on

Hodgins, W., SED301

Public presentations

Adair, SED221

Adeleye, SED181-183

Basman Monterrubio, SED214-216

Brandon University Students' Union, SED181-183

Canadian Federation of Students, SED237-238

Canadian Federation of Students, Manitoba, SED230-233

Canadian Union of Public Employees, SED240-241

Chernomas, SED218-220

Chester, SED208-209

Clark, SED291-292

Curnow, SED311-313

Dela Cruz, SED320-322

Dingwall, SED202-203

Fleisher, SED317-319

Forbes, S., SED222-224

Gabbert, SED297-299

Gali, SED230-233

Goertzen, B., SED186-187

Grills, SED228-229

Hayer, SED213-214

Henderson, SED198-199

Hladun, SED178-179

Hodgins, W., SED300-302

Ives, SED225-226

Kohan, SED308-310

Manitoba Alliance of Post-Secondary Students, SED195-197

Manitoba Federation of Labour, SED323-324

Manitoba League of Persons with Disabilities, SED300-302

Manitoba Organization of Faculty Associations, SED222-224

McKay, SED237-238

McLean, SED240-241

Mihychuk Marshall, SED306-307

Miller, SED204-206

Monkman, SED303-304

Nagra, SED184-185

Noël, SED172-174

Northam, SED234-236

Pawlak, SED189-191

Pelland, SED176-177

Peloquin, SED288-290

Public Service Alliance of Canada, SED178-179

Rebeck, SED323-324

Scott, SED194

Shannon, SED211-212

Shaw, SED200-201

Shearer, SED314-316

Smith, K., SED195-197

Szocs, SED191-193

University of Manitoba Students' Union, SED191-193

University of Winnipeg Students' Association, SED198-199, SED214-216

Student fees, compulsory or non-compulsory options

Ewasko, SED331

Moses, SED331

Tuition classes

Ewasko, SED331-332

Moses, SED331-332

Tuition exemptions

Ewasko, SED333

Moses, SED333

Written submissions

Canada Sierra Leone Friendship Society, SED337

Dogo, SED338

Faubert, SED337

Harris, SED337

Leland, SED242-243

Milliken, SED336

Parsons, SED243

Podolsky, SED337-338

Schmidt, SED336

Stecina, SED336-337

University of Manitoba, SED242-243

Advocate for Children and Youth Act

Mandate expansion

Squires, LA14

New federal Indigenous child-welfare legislation

Lathlin, LA26

Squires, LA15, LA26

Proclamation timeline

Krone, LA25

Lathlin, LA25

Squires, LA25-26

Advocate for Children and Youth office

Advocacy services, number of

Krone, LA16, LA31

Lathlin, LA31

Advocacy services, number of--Thompson office

Krone, LA19

Advocacy services, types of

Krone, LA16

Call volumes during pandemic

Krone, LA21

Lathlin, LA21

Child death review process, expansion of

Krone, LA17, LA24-25

Lathlin, LA24-25

Children in care visits during pandemic

Krone, LA21

Lathlin, LA21

Closure during pandemic

Krone, LA20

Lathlin, LA20

Closure of drop-ins due to pandemic

Krone, LA20

Lathlin, LA20

Expanded child death reviews, need for

Krone, LA19

Expansion of youth hubs

Squires, LA14

First Nations and Metis collaborations

Krone, LA18

Infant deaths, sleep related

Prevention recommendations

Krone, LA18

Internal reconciliation committee

Krone, LA18-19

Knowledge Keeper and Elders Council

Krone, LA18

MACY-RAP subcommittee

Krone, LA18

Squires, LA14

Mental health and addiction recommendations

Krone, LA18, LA28-29

Smith, B., LA28

Mental health support for children due to pandemic

Krone, LA22-23

Lathlin, LA22-23

National youth suicide prevention strategy

Krone, LA17

Northern Youth Ambassador Advisory Squad

Krone, LA19

Office flood, disruption in service

Krone, LA20

Lathlin, LA20

Operations during pandemic

Krone, LA18

Position vacancies

Krone, LA30

Smith, B., LA30

Public education program

Krone, LA17

Remote Facebook live events

Krone, LA20-21

Lathlin, LA20

Remote working

Krone, LA20

Lathlin, LA20

Remote working due to pandemic

Krone, LA20

Lathlin, LA20

Respite services, suspension of due to pandemic

Krone, LA23

Lathlin, LA23, LA31

Squires, LA31

Serious injury or death, twelve month investigation period

Krone, LA32-33

Smith, B., LA32-33

Serious injury reporting recommendations

Krone, LA19

Social isolation due to pandemic

Gerrard, LA34

Krone, LA34

Suspension and explusion from school

Krone, LA31-32

Lathlin, LA31

Squires, LA32

Thrival Kits, mental health promotion in schools

Krone, LA17

Youth Ambassador Advisory Squad

Krone, LA21

Lathlin, LA21

Youth engagement activities

Krone, LA16-17

Youth Listening Tour across Manitoba

Krone, LA17

Agricultural Crown land

Indigeous rights, concerns for

Meeches, JU58-59

Informed access

Callum, JU54

Agriculture Department

Animal disease emergency

Auditor General's recommendations

Brar, AG67

McCandless, AG31

Agriculture industry. See Petty Trespasses Amendment and Occupiers' Liability Amendment Act

Ahmed, Seid (Manitoba Association of Newcomer Servicing Organizations)

Fair Registration Practices in Regulated Professions Amendment Act (Bill 41)

Public presentations, SED56-58

Internationally educated professionals

Documentation requirements, SED58

Language tests, SED57

Third party assessors, SED57

Allard, Stefanie (Private Citizen)

Animal Diseases Amendment Act (Bill 62)

Animals in transport

Health condition of, AG4

Public presentations, AG2-3

Right to protest, AG4

Altomare, Nello (Transcona) NDP

ACCESS Program

Elimination of, SED212

COVID-19, education system

Government support during pandemic, SED262

French immersion education

Recruitment plans, SED276

Public Schools Amendment and Manitoba Teachers' Society Amendment Act (Bill 45)

Ability-to-pay provision, SED253, SED255

Opening statements, SED277

Recruitment and retention of staff, SED248

Single collective agreement, urban/rural differences, SED250


Differential tuition fees, SED212

Alward, Johathan (Canadian Federation of Independent Business)

Retail Business Hours of Operation Act (Various Acts Amended) (Bill 4)

Public presentations, SED24-25

Public presentations (audio presentation), SED24-25

Statutary holiday's, SED24-25

Amalgamated Transit Union. See Pension Benefits Amendment Act; Retail Business Hours of Operation Act (Various Acts Amended); Workers Compensation Amendment Act; Workplace Safety and Health Amendment Act

Amedick, Lori (Private Citizen)

Continous glucose monitors

Pharmacare coverage, age limit for, SED134

Regional Health Authorities Amendment Act (Health System Governance and Accountability) (Bill 10)

Public presentations, SED133-135

Anderson, Jordan River. See Spirit Bear Day Act

Animal Care Act

Farmed animals, exclusion of

Lauhn-Jensen, AG48

Animal Diseases Amendment Act (Bill 62)

Abuse of the law

Lazare, AG8

Sala, AG7-8

Animal transportation regulations

Canadian standing

Currie, AG26

Gerrard, AG19

Lazare, AG6

Mitchell, AG13-14

Scott-Reid, AG20

Wall, AG53

Animals in transport

Giving water to

Groenewegen, AG16

Lazare, AG7

Mitchell, AG14

Health condition of

Allard, AG4

Mitchell, AG14

Reineke, AG62-63

Robertson, AG60

Scott-Reid, AG19

National standards

Fulton, AG55


Gerrard, AG7, AG37

Lazare, AG7

Biosecurity zone, definition of

Gerrard, AG41

McCandless, AG31

Robertson, AG61

Rybuck, AG41

Biosecurity zones

Campbell, B., AG36

Dahl, AG37

Desa, AG11

Fulton, AG56

McCandless, AG31

Biosecurity, rodeos and auctions

Krueger, AG46

Pennington, AG58

Constitutionality of law

Currie, AG26

Groenewegen, AG16

Lazare, AG6

Freedom of expression

Desa, AG11

Lazare, AG6

McCandless, AG31

Interference/interaction, definition of

Brar, AG17

Groenewegen, AG17, AG18

Opening statements

Brar, AG68-69

Pedersen, AG68


Mitchell, AG15

Penalites, impact on activitists

McCandless, AG32

Sala, AG32

Public presentations

Allard, AG2-3

Animal Justice, AG13-15

Asu, AG51-52

Campbell, B., AG35-36

Currie, AG25-27

Dahl, AG37-38

Dairy Farmers of Manitoba, AG64-65

Desa, AG10-12

Dickson, AG44-45

Falconer, AG27-29

Feere, AG33-34

Fulton, AG55-57

Groenewegen, AG16-17

Kettner, AG23-24

Keystone Agricultural Producers, AG35-36

Krueger, AG46

Last Chance for Animals, AG10-12

Lauhn-Jensen, AG47-49

Lazare, AG5-7

Manitoba Animal Save, AG33-34

Manitoba Beef Producers, AG55-56

Manitoba Egg Farmers, AG40-41

Manitoba Pork, AG37-38

McCandless, AG30-32

Mitchell, AG13-15

Pennington, AG57-58

Reineke, AG62-63

Robertson, AG59-61

Rybuck, AG40-41

Scott-Reid, AG18-19

Semeniuk, AG20-22

Siemens, AG41-43

Siemens Farms Ltd., AG41-43

Sudoski, AG49-50

Wall, AG52-54

Wiens, AG64-65

Winnipeg Humane Society, AG20-22

Right to protest

Allard, AG4

Groenewegen, AG16

Lazare, AG6

US laws

Desa, AG13

Gerrard, AG13

Groenewegen, AG16

Mitchell, AG13

Whistle blower laws

Desa, AG10

Written submissions

Block, AG77

Brandt, AG73

Caldwell, AG76-77

Canadian Coalition for Farm Animals, AG77-80

Carroll, AG70

Chihonik, AG74

Dasgupta, AG69-70

Driedger, AG74-75

Kavanagh, AG80-81

Lafreniere, AG75-76

Palmquist, AG75

Prout, AG70-71

Szach, AG72-73

Tinney, AG77-80

Tonge, AG73

Vezina, AG69

Walker, AG71-72

World Animal Protection, AG80-81

Animal Justice. See Animal Diseases Amendment Act

Apprenticeship and Certification Amendment Act (Bill 61)


Palson, SED68

Sandhu, S., SED81

Wightman, SED91

Duty to consult

Coey, SED70

Kalcsics, SED72

Lindsey, SED71-72

Opening statements

Eichler, SED96

Lindsey, SED96-98

Public presentations

Coey, SED70, SED72-73

Construction Labour Relations Association of Manitoba, SED90-91

Duarte, SED93

Falconer, SED87-89

Hambley, SED80-81

Ironworkers Union Local 728, SED93

Kalcsics, SED71

Kettner, SED85-86

Lafond, SED74

Manitoba Building Trades, SED82-84

Manitoba Federation of Labour, SED78

Mechanical Contractors Association of Manitoba, SED70, SED72-73

Operating Engineers Local 987, SED74

Palson, SED68-69

Plumbers and Pipe Fitters Local 254, SED71

Rebeck, SED78

Sandhu, S., SED82-84

Sharma, A., SED76-77

Wightman, SED90-91

Winnipeg Construction Association, SED80-81

Sector-based committees, composition of

Hambley, SED81

Kalcsics, SED71

Lafond, SED74

Lindsey, SED97

Palson, SED68

Rebeck, SED78

Sandhu, S., SED81

Sharma, A., SED76

Wightman, SED91-92

Voluntary trade programs, regulation to bylaw

Coey, SED73

Written submissions

Coey, SED101-103

Harrison, SED98-100

Merit Contractors Association, SED100

Milner, SED100

Winnipeg Construction Association, SED98-100

Apprenticeship training

Journeyperson/apprentice ratios

Duarte, SED93

Kalcsics, SED72

Lindsey, SED72

Palson, SED69

Rebeck, SED78

Under-represented demographics

Marcelino, LA42

Sandhu, S., LA42

Work and training opportunities

Sandhu, S., LA41

Ardila, Lizeth (SEED Winnipeg)

Fair Registration Practices in Regulated Professions Amendment Act (Bill 41)

Public presentations, SED54-55

Internationally educated professionals

Credential recognition, costs and fees, SED55

Argue, Sheila (Private Citizen)

Early Learning and Child Care Act (Bill 47)

Written submissions, LA286-287

Armbruster, Sherwood (Private Citizen)


Vote by mail, expansion of, SED346

Municipal Statutes Amendment Act (Bill 25)

Public presentations, SED346-347

Asagwara, Uzoma (Union Station) NDP

COVID-19 pandemic

Data/research, accessibility of, SED123

Personal Health Information Amendment Act (Bill 54)

Abandoned requests, LA202


Clause 33, LA203

Legislation review, ten year period, LA202-203

Opening statements, LA202-203

Public Health Amendment Act (Bill 67)

Consultations, SED116

Opening statements, SED165-166

Single site restrictions--PCH's

Recruitment and retention, SED119

Regional Health Authorities Amendment Act (Health System Governance and Accountability) (Bill 10)

Opening statements, SED161-162

Asbestos remediation and disposal

Rebeck, LA132

Ashdown, Ashdown, Heather (Private Citizen)

Ashdown, Heather (Private Citizen)

Child care

Developmental health, LA235

Private models of, LA235

Early childhood educators

Wage stagnation, LA235

Early Learning and Child Care Act (Bill 47)

Non-profit/for-profit centres, distribution of grant money, LA234-235

Public presentations, LA234-236

Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs. See Smoking and Vapour Products Control Amendment Act

Association of Manitoba Bilingual Municipalities. See Planning Amendment and City of Winnipeg Charter Amendment Act (Bill 37)

Association of Manitoba Municipalities. See Building and Electrical Permitting Improvement Act (Various Acts Amended and Permit Dispute Resolution Act Enacted); Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Amendment Act; Municipal Statutes Amendment Act; Municipal Statutes Amendment Act (2); Public Sector Construction Projects (Tendering) Act; Retail Business Hours of Operation Act (Various Acts Amended) (Bill 4)

Asu, Carmen (Private Citizen)

Animal Diseases Amendment Act (Bill 62)

Public presentations, AG51-52


Hog barns, number of, AG51

Atwal, Manny (Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries)

Cannabis sales

Market trends/forecasts, CC54-55

New retail stores, CC48

Products available, CC52-53

Retail vendors, number of, CC48

Social responsibility initiatives, CC48

Stores and revenues, increase in, CC347

Casinos, COVID-19

Closure due to pandemic, CC33

Physical distancing accomodations, CC46, CC49-50

Reopening and public health guidelines, CC50-51

Reopening and staffing levels, CC50

Staff layoffs, due to pandemic, CC33

COVID-19 pandemic

Alcohol consumption patterns, CC53-54

MBLL, revenue decrease, CC32-33, CC42

MBLL, staff redeployments, CC33, CC35

COVID-19, casinos

Closures, CC33

Physical distancing, CC46, CC49-50

Reopening and public health guidelines, CC50-51

Reopening and staffing levels, CC50

Staff layoffs, CC33

COVID-19, public-health orders

MLLC outbreak reporting, CC55-56

COVID-19, vaccine

Vaccine lottery, administration of, CC36-37

Vaccine lottery, effectiveness of, CC35-36

Liquor Marts

Alcohol consumption patterns due to pandemic, CC53-54

Contact tracing, CC51-52

Controlled entrance, cost to operate, CC43

Controlled entrance, pilot locations, CC45

Controlled entrance, rural locations, CC43

Controlled entrance, theft reduction, CC33

Theft, rural locations, CC43

Thefts, decrese in, CC43

Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries

Annual Report March 31, 2020

Opening statements, CC32-34

Distribution centre lease--King Edward St., CC48

Distribution centre relocation, CC33

Home delivery service, CC33

Home delivery service, revenues, CC44

Home delivery service, RFP for, CC44

Home delivery service, sales increase, CC

Home delivery service, third-party costs, CC44

iGaming, CC34, CC45

Interest-free deferred payment plan

Business uptake, CC44

Internal gaming strategy, CC45

Internal reviews, CC45

Liquor sales increase, CC42

Management wage freeze, CC35

Market trends/forecasts, CC54

Markup policies on liquor products, CC41

Net income for 2019-2020, CC32

Office space, future plans for, CC47

Online gaming, CC46

PlayNow.com platform, CC34, CC46

PPE costs, CC42

Private liquor sales, CC38-40

Public-health orders, outbreak reporting, CC55-56

Redeployment of staff due to pandemic, CC33, CC35

Restaruants, alcohol delivery, CC41

Revenue decrease due to pandemic, CC32-33, CC42

Single sport betting, market size, CC55

Single sport betting, preparation for, CC46

Social responsibility initiatives, CC37

Social responsibility, amount spent on, CC37

Stadium gaming, CC33, CC35, CC45

Staff benefit extension, CC33

Staff locations, CC47-48

Staff, temporary layoffs, CC35

Vaccine lottery, administraton of, CC36-37

Vaccine lottery, effectivness of, CC35-36

VLT shut downs, CC34

Personal protective equipment

MLLC costs, CC42

PlayNow.com platform, CC34

Auditor General's office

Accounting standards used

Shtykalo, PA4-5

Wasyliw, PA4-5

Audit methodologies, update

Shtykalo, PA2

Audit recommendations, implementation rate

Shtykalo, PA12

Wasyliw, PA12

Audits, length of

Shtykalo, PA10-11

Wasyliw, PA10-11

Budget request process, LAMC

Shtykalo, PA7-8

Wasyliw, PA7-8

Budget, control of

Shtykalo, PA6-7

Wasyliw, PA6-7

Building lease decisions, control over

Shtykalo, PA9

Wasyliw, PA9

Cabinet confidence, definition of

Shtykalo, PA9

Wasyliw, PA9

Department follow-up, development of action plan

Shtykalo, PA13

Wasyliw, PA13

Independence of office

Shtykalo, PA3, PA6, PA8-9

Wasyliw, PA6, PA8-9

IT security, accessing secure documents

Shtykalo, PA2

Mining Community Reserve Fund review

Lindsey, PA6

Shtykalo, PA6

Organizational structure, new

Shtykalo, PA2-3

PAC meetings, frequency of

Shtykalo, PA3

Performance audit, timeliness of

Shtykalo, PA11

Wasyliw, PA11

Small statutory audits, elimination of

Shtykalo, PA11-12

Wasyliw, PA11-12

Special audit requests

Shtykalo, PA10

Wasyliw, PA10

Staffing levels

Shtykalo, PA7

Wasyliw, PA7

Summary reporting, control indicators

Shtykalo, PA5

Wasyliw, PA5

Treasury Board minutes, access to

Shtykalo, PA10

Wasyliw, PA10

Treasury Board submissions

Shtykalo, PA9-10

Wasyliw, PA9

Trust arrangement, oversight of

Shtykalo, PA5-6

Wasyliw, PA5

Website update

Shtykalo, PA2

Auditor General's Report-Follow-up of Previously Issued Recommendations-May 2014

Section 17: Personal Injury Protection Plan, PA1

Auditor General's Report-Follow-up of Previously Issued Recommendations-May 2015

Section 15: Manitoba eHealth Procurement of Contractor, PA1

Section 4: Appointment Process to Agencies, Boards and Commissions, PA1

Section 7: Personal Injury Protection Plan, PA1

Auditor General's Report-Follow-up of Recommendations-May 2016

Appointment Process to Agencies, Boards and Commissions, PA1

Personal Injury Protection Plan, PA1

Auditor General's Report-Operations of the Office-March 31, 2017-2020


Lindsey, PA6

Shtykalo, PA4-13

Wasyliw, PA4-13

Opening statements

Shtykalo, PA2-3

PA1; passed, PA13

Auditor General's Report-Operations of the Office-Strategic Priorities Plan for 2019/2020 and 2021/2022


Lindsey, PA6

Shtykalo, PA4-13

Wasyliw, PA4-13

Opening statements

Shtykalo, PA2-3

PA1; passed, PA13

Axworthy, Lloyd (Private Citizen)

Legislative Assembly Amendment and Legislative Assembly Management Commission Amendment Act (Bill 217)

Public presentations, LA322-323


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