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STANDING COMMITTEE INDEX - 3rd Session - 42nd Legislature

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Unifor. See Pension Benefits Amendment Act

United Church of Canada Amendment Act (Bill 300)

Opening statements

Nesbitt, SED4

Wiebe, SED4-5

Three-council model

Nesbitt, SED4

United Food and Commercial Workers. See Pension Benefits Amendment Act

Universities. See also Advanced Education Administration Amendment Act

Monority language universities

Kinew, SED176

Pelland, SED176

Self governance rights

Adeleye, SED182

Chernomas, SED219

Curnow, SED311

Gabbert, SED298

Kohan, SED309

Mihychuk Marshall, SED306

Moroz, SED294

Nagra, SED184

Rebeck, SED324

Shaw, SED200

University College of the North Amendment Act (Bill 34)

Opening statements

Ewasko, SED335

Moses, SED335

University of Manitoba Students' Union. See Advanced Education Administration Amendment Act

Hardship Fund

Szocs, SED192

University of Winnipeg Students' Association. See Advanced Education Administration Amendment Act

Unrau, Samuel (Private Citizen)

Disability Support Act and Amendments to The Manitoba Assistance Act (Bill 72)

Determination of financial resources, SED549

Future funding protection, SED550

Medical supplies, cost of, SED550

Public presentations, SED549-551

Severe and prolonged disabilities

Medical assessment reduction, SED550

Student Aid exemption, SED549-550

Urichuk, Mike (Private Citizen)

Child care

Underfunding of, LA258

Early Learning and Child Care Act (Bill 47)

Public presentations, LA258-259

Uruski, Bill (Private Citizen)

Crown land

Public tendering for sale of, SED469

Crown Land Dispositions Act (Various Acts Amended) (Bill 12)

First Nations consultation, SED469

Land valuation, ministerial responsibility for, SED470

Public presentations, SED469-470

First Nations

Consultations re: Bill 12, SED469

Treaty Land Entitlement, SED467


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