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STANDING COMMITTEE INDEX - 3rd Session - 42nd Legislature

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iGaming. See Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries

Ignacio, Romeo (Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 1505)

COVID-19 pandemic

Psychological injuries, LA149

COVID-19, public transit

Public health restrictions, LA136-137

Revenue losses, SED11

Pension Benefits Amendment Act (Bill 8)

Public presentations, LA109-110

Unlocking provision, early withdrawl risks, LA110-111

Public transit

50-50 funding agreement, SED11, SED12

Public health restrictions, LA134-135

Revenue losses due to pandemic, SED11

Staffing for sunday shopping, SED11

Weekend services, staff shortage, SED12

Workplace safety and health, LA134

Retail Business Hours of Operation Act (Various Acts Amended) (Bill 4)

Public presentations, SED11

Sunday shopping

Public transit staffing, SED11

Workers Compensation Amendment Act (Bill 18)

Presumptive coverage, LA148

Psychological injuries, LA148

Public presentations, LA148-149

Workplace Safety and Health Amendment Act (Bill 11)

Public presentations, LA134-135

Immigration Partnership Winnipeg. See Fair Registration Practices in Regulated Professions Amendment Act

Income inequality

Decrease in

Stefanson, SED33

Inculsion support programs

Adams, SED34

Indigenous children

Child-welfare legislation--federal

Lathlin, LA26

Squires, LA15, LA26

Clan Mothers for sexually exploited youth

Squires, LA14

Indigenous education

Bill 33, impact on students

Monkman, SED305

Moses, SED305

Indigenous land claims. See Limitations Act

Indigenous people

Safety concerns re: Bill 63

Meeches, JU57-58

Indigenous people and employment

Project labour agreements

Palson, LA73

Indigenous people and justice system

Representation on juries

Fontaine, JU37

Indigenous rights

Concerns for re: Bill 63

Fontaine, JU64

Meeches, JU56-59

Consultations re: Bill 63

Fontaine, JU59-60

Infant deaths

Sleep-related, prevention recommendations

Krone, LA18

Infrastructure, public projects

Labour management model

Lorenc, LA76

Inspired by Wonder. See Early Learning and Child Care Act

Insulin pumps. See Pediatric Insulin Pump program

Internation Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 2085. See Public Sector Construction Projects (Tendering) Act

International students

Loss of health coverage

Shannon, SED211

Internationally educated professionals. See also Fair Registration Practices in Regulated Professions Amendment Act

Access to information, difficulties with

Moses, SED53

Praznik, SED54

Appeal mechanism

Feist, SED61

Bridging programs

Funding and conflict of interest concerns

Moses, SED51

Stansfield, SED51

General comments

Feist, SED59

Credential recognition, costs and fees

Ardila, SED55

Vladimirova, SED63

Documentation requirements

Ahmed, SED58

Establishment of advocacy role

Praznik, SED53

Exam fees

Feist, SED60

Language tests

Ahmed, SED57

Number of applicants registered

Praznik, SED52

Office of the Fairness Commissioner, complaints

Praznik, SED52

Office of the Fairness Commissioner, no support from

Praznik, SED52

Online information hub

Praznik, SED53

Program development

Stansfield, SED49

Provincial out migration

Moses, SED95

Third party assessors

Ahmed, SED57

Travel and accomodation barriers

Moses, SED63

Vladimirova, SED63

Ironworkers Union Local 728. See Apprenticeship and Certification Amendment Act

Isleifson, Len (Brandon East) PC

Rules of the House

Proposal 13: Speeches in Committee of the Whole, RH11

Ives, Peter (Private Citizen)

Advanced Education Administration Amendment Act (Bill 33)

Public presentations, SED225-226


Ministerial authority, SED225


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