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STANDING COMMITTEE INDEX - 3rd Session - 42nd Legislature

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Yarish, Rick (Deputy Clerk of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba)

Rules of the House

Proposal 5: Voting-deferral exceptions, RH3

Proposal 6: Naming provisions and naming not subject to appeal, RH3

Proposal 7: Divisions during private members' business, RH3

Proposal 8: Members' statements-including names in Hansard, RH3-4

Proposal 9: Precedence of government orders, RH4

Proposal 12: Committee of the Whole House, RH5

Proposal 13: Speeches in Committee of the Whole, RH5

Proposal 14: Supply Chair rulings not subject to challenge, RH5

Proposal 17: Expiration of the 100 hours, RH6

Proposal 18: Speeches in the Committee of Supply, RH6

Proposal 19: Seating in Chamber Supply, RH6

Proposal 22: Global debate in Supply, RH7

Proposal 23: Adding the Capital Supply resolution to the Estimates consideration list, RH8

Proposal 24: Motion to leave the Chair, RH8

Proposal 28: Grouping report stage amendments, RH9

Proposal 29: Appendix D-budget day procedure, RH9

Proposal 31: Appendix E-speaking times, RH10-11

Your Power to Choose

Elections outreach for students

Fontaine, LA6

Verma, LA6

Youth Ambassador Advisory Squad

Krone, LA21

Lathlin, LA21


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