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STANDING COMMITTEE INDEX - 3rd Session - 42nd Legislature

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Bachelor of arts degree

Employment rates

Miller, SED205

Baillie, Cory (Doctors Manitoba)

COVID-19, vaccine

Clinics/doctor offices, availibility at, SED128

Doctors Manitoba

Vaccine Implementation Task Force

Recommendations to, SED128

Health care

Virtual medicine, potential for, SED129


Fee-for-service billing, SED127

Regional Health Authorities Amendment Act (Health System Governance and Accountability) (Bill 10)

Public presentations, SED127-129


Backlog, how to address, SED128

Vaccine Implementation Task Force

Doctors Manitoba recommendations, SED128

Balzer, Evan (Private Citizen)

Crown land

Biodiversity, SED464

Ecological value, SED463-464

Crown Land Dispositions Act (Various Acts Amended) (Bill 12)

Parcel valuation threshold, SED463

Public presentations, SED462-464

Basman Monterrubio, Joshua

Advanced Education Administration Amendment Act (Bill 33)

Public presentations, SED214-216

Math literacy, SED218

Post-secondary education

Accessibility and affordability, SED217

Importance of, SED216

Student unions

Programs and services, SED215

Beaver dams

Removal regulations

Goertzen, LA59

Marcelino, LA59

Beddome, James (Green Party of Manitoba)

Justice system

Access concerns, JU7-8

Financial barriers, JU9

Two-tiered system, JU7

Legal Aid Manitoba

Budget increase, need for, JU14-15

Legal Aid Manitoba Amendment Act (Bill 50)

Public presentations, JU13-14

Legal Profession Amendment Act (Bill 24)

Public presentations, JU6-8

Legislative session

Introduction of bills without text, LA39-40

Manitoba Farm Industry Board

Repossession of farm equipment, requirement removed, LA39

Public Interest Law Centre, JU15

Reducing Red Tape and Improving Services Act, 2021 (Bill 55)

Public presentations, LA39

Repossession of farm equipment, LA39

Bedford, James (Manitoba Teachers' Society)

Public Schools Amendment and Manitoba Teachers' Society Amendment Act (Bill 45)

Ability-to-pay provision, SED251, SED253

Collective bargaining agreements

Coming into effect date of Bill, SED252

Public presentations, SED251-252

Behrendt, Mark (Private Citizen)

Collective bargaining

Independent/binding arbitration, SED266

Public Schools Amendment and Manitoba Teachers' Society Amendment Act (Bill 45)

Ability-to-pay provision, SED266-267

Consultations, SED268

Public presentations, SED266-268

Bell, Paul (Private Citizen)

Municipal Board appeals

Criteria for, SED390-391

Public notifications, SED391

Planning Amendment and City of Winnipeg Charter Amendment Act (Bill 37)

Combined site development applications, SED391-392

Public presentations, SED390-392



Callum, JU56

Fonaine, JU55

Protocols, hog farms

Brar, AG39

Dahl, AG39

Risks of trespassers

Callum, JU54

Campbell, B., JU49-50

Fontaine, JU53

Melnychuk, JU51-52, JU53

Rodeos and auctions

Krueger, AG46

Pennington, AG58


Campbell, B., AG36

Dahl, AG37

Desa, AG11

Fulton, AG56

McCandless, AG31

Zone, definition of

Gerrard, AG41

McCandless, AG31

Robertson, AG61

Rybuck, AG41

Birth alerts

Elimination of

Adams, SED40

Squires, LA14

Stefanson, SED33, SED40

Birtle Transmission Project. See Manitoba Hydro

Black Canadian Network. See Emancipation Day Act

Blight, Kam (Association of Manitoba Municipalities)

Municipal Board appeals

Backlog, SED355

Planning Amendment and City of Winnipeg Charter Amendment Act (Bill 37)

Appeal processing times, SED354

Capital Region planning board, municipal representation on, SED354

Public presentations, SED353-355

Block, Shari Lee (Private Citizen)

Animal Diseases Amendment Act (Bill 62)

Written submissions, AG77

Borger, Allan (Ladco Company Ltd.)


Density per acre, SED387

Planning Amendment and City of Winnipeg Charter Amendment Act (Bill 37)

Development agreements on permits, SED385

Public presentations, SED384-386

Bowman, Brian (City of Winnipeg)

Municipal Board

Appeals, resident complaints, SED367

Composition of, SED367

Planning Amendment and City of Winnipeg Charter Amendment Act (Bill 37)

Capital Region planning board

Proportional to population, SED368

Public presentations, SED366-368

Service standards, SED368

Brandon and Area Planning District. See Planning Amendment Act (Bill 7)

Brandon University

Discovery development grants

Adeleye, SED182

Brandon University Students' Union. See Advanced Education Administration Amendment Act

Brandon, Josh (Social Planning Council of Winnipeg)

Education Property Tax Reduction Act (Property Tax and Insulation Assistance Act and Income Tax Act Amended) (Bill 71)

Debt financing to give rebate, SED532

Low-income homeowners, SED533

Public presentations, SED531-532

Renters, impact on, SED531


Above-guideline rent increases, SED532

Rent freeze, SED531-532, SED533

Brandt, Bonnie (Private Citizen)

Animal Diseases Amendment Act (Bill 62)

Written submissions, AG73

Brar, Diljeet (Burrows) NDP

Agriculture Department

Animal disease emergency

Auditor General's recommendations, AG67

Animal Diseases Amendment Act (Bill 62)

Interference/interaction, definition of, AG17

Opening statements, AG68-69


Protocols, hog farms, AG39

Crown Land Dispositions Act (Various Acts Amended) (Bill 12)

Land consolidation, SED467

Land valuation, ministerial responsibility for, SED498

Municipalities, right of refusal, elimination of, SED499

Opening statements, SED498-499

Education system

Agriculture and environment, AG20


Biosecurity protocol, hog farms, AG39

Industrial farming, apathy for, AG22

Public Health Amendment Act (Food Safety and Other Amendment) (Bill 36)

Opening statements, AG67

Brokenhead Ojibway Nation. See Smoking and Vapour Products Control Amendment Act

Building and Electrical Permitting Improvement Act (Various Acts Amended and Permit Dispute Resolution Act Enacted) (Bill 38)

Dispute resolution, establishment of

McInnes, SED348

National building code adoption

Review period

McInnes, SED349

Opening statements

Johnson, SED416-417

Wiebe, SED417-418

Province-wide electric code

McInnes, SED349

Public presentations

Manitoba Home Builders' Association, SED348-349

McInnes, SED348-349

Written submissions

Association of Manitoba Municipalities, SED425-426

Harrison, SED426-428

Volkov, SED425-426

Winnipeg Construction Association, SED426-428

Burla, Laura (Private Citizen)

Child care

Private companies, LA210

Untrained assistants, LA209

Early childhood educators

Wage stagnation, LA209

Worker shortage, LA209

Early Learning and Child Care Act (Bill 47)

Privatization concerns, LA210, LA211

Public presentations, LA208-210


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