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STANDING COMMITTEE INDEX - 3rd Session - 42nd Legislature

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Vaccine Implementation Task Force

Doctors Manitoba recommendations

Baillie, SED128

Valdez, Corinna (Private Citizen)

Early Learning and Child Care Act (Bill 47)

Written submissions, LA278-279

Vale Canada Ltd. See Thompson Nickel Belt Sustainability Act

Vaping. See Smoking and Vapour Products Control Amendment Act

Vehicle Technology Testing Act (Various Acts Amended) (Bill 20)

Opening statements

Schuler, LA95

Wiebe, LA95-96

Written submissions

Volkov, LA104

Vehicles, automated. See also Vehicle Technology Testing Act (Various Acts Amended)

Insurance ineligibility

Schuler, LA95

Regulatory framework and permitting

Schuler, LA95

Road testing

Schuler, LA95

Third-party liability insurance requirement

Schuler, LA95

Veldhuis, Phil (Direct Farm Manitoba)

Farmers' markets

Sale of farm fresh eggs, AG10

Public Health Amendment Act (Food Safety and Other Amendment) (Bill 36)

Public presentations, AG8-9

Ventura. See Planning Amendment and City of Winnipeg Charter Amendment Act

Verma, Shipra (Elections Manitoba)

COVID-19 pandemic

Elections during, LA10

Mail-in voting during, LA330-331


Advanced voting decrease--2019 provincial, LA7

Candidate reimbursement--2019 provincial, LA3

Mail-in ballots, hand counting, LA331

Mail-in voting, during pandemic, LA330-331

Mail-in voting, process for, LA330

Permanent voters list, accuracy of, LA5

Permanent voters list, frequency of updates, LA5

Permanent voters list, provincial election, use in--2019, LA5

Vaccination status of staff, LA332

Vote by mail, by-election, LA330

Vote PopUp, non-profit pilot project, LA6

Voter ID requirements, LA7-8

Voter turnout and expenditures--2019 provincial, LA3

Voter turnout decline, advertising campaign reduction, LA7

Voter turnout decline, reasons for, LA7

Your Power to Choose, outreach for students, LA6

Elections Manitoba

Advanced voting decrease, LA7

Candidate reimbursement reduction, LA10

Election during pandemic, LA10

Engagement and outreach

Canadian Forces, LA6

Disability organizations, LA6

Flood evacuees, LA7

Homeless population, LA6

New Canadians, LA6

Non-profit community groups, LA6

Students, LA6

Geocoding for addresses, LA6

Individuals with no fixed address

ID requirements, LA6

Registration drive activities, LA7

Staff recruitment and retention, LA11

Types of ID accepted, LA8

Universal ID, LA8

Elections Manitoba-Annual Report December 31, 2019

Address types, urban/rural, LA5-6

Candidate reimbursement, child care expenses, LA5, LA10

Candidate reimbursement, disability expenses, LA5, LA10

Constituency associations, deadline for filing, LA5

Electoral division reporting delay, LA8

Electronic signatures for forms, recommendation, LA5

Government adversiting recommendations, Bill 32, LA9

Late filing dee deadline, LA10

Opening statements, LA2-5

Recovery of late filing fees, LA5

Returning office staff, leave provision, LA4-5

Single address authority recommendation, LA5, LA10-11

Telephone voting recommendation, LA4, LA9-10

Telephone voting, security measures, LA11

Voters list, standardization of, LA4

Manitoba Voter Register, LA5, LA7

Proposal to Modify the Voting Process

Vote Anywhere in your Electoral Division On Election Day, November 2020

Opening statements, LA330-331

Vote By Mail-Byelection", October 2021

Opening statements, LA330-331

Vote Anywhere in your Electoral Division on Election Day-Proposal report, November 2020

Committee review request, LA11-12

New election model, overview of, LA3-4

Opening statements, LA2-5

Vote PopUp

Non-profit pilot project, elections, LA6


Advanced polls, electronic strike-off, LA331-332

By-election, use of tabulator, LA331

Your Power to Choose

Elections outreach for students, LA6

Vezina, Brandi (Private Citizen)

Animal Diseases Amendment Act (Bill 62)

Written submissions, AG69

Victims Assistance Fund

Friesen, JU67

Vieria, Lindsay (Private Citizen)

Public Schools Amendment and Manitoba Teachers' Society Amendment Act (Bill 45)

Written submissions, SED283-284

Vladimirova, Viktoria (Eastman Immigrant Services)

Fair Registration Practices in Regulated Professions Amendment Act (Bill 41)

Public presentations, SED62-63

Internationally educated professionals

Credential recognition, costs and fees, SED63

Travel and accomodation barriers, SED63

Volkov, Denys (Association of Manitoba Municipalities)

Building and Electrical Permitting Improvement Act (Various Acts Amended and Permit Dispute Resolution Act Enacted) (Bill 38)

Written submissions, SED425-426

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Amendment Act (Bill 49)

Written submissions, LA205

Municipal Statutes Amendment Act (2) (Bill 53)

Written submissions, SED428

Municipal Statutes Amendment Act (Bill 25)

Written submissions, SED421-422

Public Sector Construction Projects (Tendering) Act (Bill 13)

Written submissions, LA104

Retail Business Hours of Operation Act (Various Acts Amended) (Bill 4)

Written submissions, SED28

von Meyenfeldt, David (Private Citizen)

Education Property Tax Reduction Act (Property Tax and Insulation Assistance Act and Income Tax Act Amended) (Bill 71)

Public presentations, SED519-520

Vote Anywhere in your Electoral Division on Election Day-Proposal report, November 2020

Committee review request

Fontaine, LA11

Verma, LA11-12

New election model, overview of

Verma, LA3-4

Opening statements

Fontaine, LA2

Verma, LA2-5

Vote PopUp

Non-profit pilot project, elections

Fontaine, LA6

Verma, LA6

Voting. See Elections


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