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STANDING COMMITTEE INDEX - 3rd Session - 42nd Legislature

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Jackson, Darlene (Manitoba Nurses Union)

Chief public health officer

Pandemic restrictions, single site rules, SED114

Collective agreements

Nurses, SED115

Long-term care sector

Neglect of, SED114

Maples Personal Care Home

COVID-19 outbreak, SED114

Personal-care homes

Care hours per day, SED114

Single site restrictions, SED115

Public Health Amendment Act (Bill 67)

Collective agreeement rights, nurses, SED115

Consultations, SED116

Public presentations, SED114-115

Single site restrictions--PCH's, SED115

Regional health authorities

Change of responsibilities, SED120

Flexibility, need for, SED120

Local advisory groups, elimination of, SED119-120, SED121

Regional Health Authorities Amendment Act (Health System Governance and Accountability) (Bill 10)

Accountability agreements, SED119

Ministerial powers, increase in, SED120

Public presentations, SED119-120

Johnson, Hon. Derek (Interlake-Gimli) PC

Building and Electrical Permitting Improvement Act (Various Acts Amended and Permit Dispute Resolution Act Enacted) (Bill 38)

Opening statements, SED416-417

Education property taxes

Rebates directly to ratepayers, SED406


Candidate restrictions on resources, SED406

Voter lists, annual updates--municipalities, SED406

Municipal Board appeals

Backlog, SED355

Rejection justification requirement, SED389

Municipal Statutes Amendment Act (2) (Bill 53)

Opening statements, SED418-419

Municipal Statutes Amendment Act (Bill 25)

Council size, municipal control over, SED406

Durable good leases, elimination of provincial approval, SED406

Election campaigns, candidate restrictions on resources, SED406

Excess taxes, removal of interest, SED406

Opening statements, SED406-407

Property taxes

Rebates directly to ratepayers, SED406

Tax sales, repeal of certificate requirement, SED406

Voter lists, annual updates, SED406

Weekend voting, SED347


Density per acre, SED386

Planning Amendment and City of Winnipeg Charter Amendment Act (Bill 37)


Clause 22, SED411-413

Clause 38, SED414

Clause 39, SED414-415

Clause 65, SED415

Clause 77, SED415-416

Opening statements, SED408-410

Service standards, SED371-372

Tax sales

Repeal of certificate requirement, SED406

Jordan's Principle. See Spirit Bear Day Act


Conference claim expenses--federal

Friesen, JU36

Court backlogs, hiring of retired judges

Friesen, JU36


Indigenous representation

Fontaine, JU37

Juror daily compensation

Friesen, JU37

Jury duty exemptions

Friesen, JU37

Justice system

Access concerns

Beddome, JU7-8

Financial barriers

Beddome, JU9

Senft, JU10

Leagal services, variety of

Senft, JU10

Legal transcripts, outsourcing

Fontaine, JU37

Two-tiered system

Beddome, JU7

Justice system, youth in

Connection to CFS, report release

Krone, LA23-24

Lathlin, LA23-24

Squires, LA23-24


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