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STANDING COMMITTEE INDEX - 3rd Session - 42nd Legislature

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Rawluk, Ashley (Private Citizen)


Associated diseases

Cost to health system, SED138-139

Depression and anxiety rates, SED139

Pregnancy and neonatal outcomes, SED139

Regional Health Authorities Amendment Act (Health System Governance and Accountability) (Bill 10)

Public presentations, SED138-140

Rawsthorne, Trish (Private Citizen)

Regional health authorities

Local advisory groups, elimination of, SED153-154

Regional Health Authorities Amendment Act (Health System Governance and Accountability) (Bill 10)

Public presentations, SED152-154

Real estate

Property taxes, new buyers

Weiss, SED518

Rebeck, Kevin (Manitoba Federation of Labour)

Advanced Education Administration Amendment Act (Bill 33)

Public presentations, SED323-324

Apprenticeship and Certification Amendment Act (Bill 61)

Public presentations, SED78

Sector-based committees, composition of, SED78

Apprenticeship training

Journeyperson/apprentice ratios, SED78

Asbestos remediation and disposal, LA132

Child care

Federal/provincial bilateral agreement, LA252

Parent fees, provinicial comparison, LA253

Collective bargaining

Independent/binding arbitration, SED264

Early learning and child care

Federal/provincial funding, LA255

Number of spaces, LA252

Early Learning and Child Care Act (Bill 47)

Financial assistance to parents, LA253

Grant eligibility, LA252-253

Licence transfers, LA252

Public presentations, LA252-254

Education funding

Property tax levies, SED529

Education Property Tax Reduction Act (Property Tax and Insulation Assistance Act and Income Tax Act Amended) (Bill 71)

Multiple property owners, SED531

Public presentations, SED529

Education property taxes

Levies, SED529

Election Financing Amendment and Elections Amendment Act (Government Advertising) (Bill 32)

Advertising and publication restriction period, LA176

Advertising restriction exemption, LA177

Fiscal Responsibility and Taxpayer Protection Amendment Act (Bill 48)

Written submissions, SED450-451

Long-term care sector

Profit/non-profit regulation requirements, LA253

Pension Benefits Amendment Act (Bill 8)

Private fund services, high fees, LA108

Public presentations, LA106-108

Solvency requirement, threshold reduction, LA107, LA108-109

Unlocking provision, early withdrawl risks, LA107

Unlocking provision, impact on plan, LA107

Unlocking provision, one hundred percent at age 65, LA107

Project labour agreements

Benefits of, LA66-67

Local labour, LA67

Training and skills development, LA67-68

Workplace safety, LA68-69

Public Schools Amendment and Manitoba Teachers' Society Amendment Act (Bill 45)

Ability-to-pay provision, SED264

Collective bargaining agreements

Coming into effect date of Bill, SED264

Public presentations, SED263-264

Public Sector Construction Projects (Tendering) Act (Bill 13)

Public presentations, LA66-68

Public Service Act (Bill 3)

Anti-harassment policy, SED454-455

Arbitration panel, elimination of, SED455

Joint council, elimination of, SED455

Public presentations, SED454-455

Reducing Red Tape and Improving Services Act, 2020 (Bill 29)

Public presentations, LA176-177

SAFE Work Manitoba

Advisory and reporting role, LA133


Self governance rights, SED324

Workers Compensation Amendment Act (Bill 18)

Employer advisory office, LA146

Future earnings, LA146-147

Maximum insurable earnings, cap reinstatement, LA146

Psychological injuries, redefinition of, LA145

Psychological injuries, single incident vs. cumulative, LA147

Public presentations, LA144-147

Schedule for occupational diseases, LA145

Worker health information, employer access to, LA145

Workers Compensation Board

Claim suppression, LA146, LA147

Psychological injuries, LA146

Psychological injuries, single incident vs. cumulative, LA147

Workplace Safety and Health Amendment Act (Bill 11)

Chief prevention officer, elimination of, LA132

Labour Board appeals, shortening of timeframe, LA132

Penalties and fine increases, LA132-133

Public presentations, LA131-133

Right-to-refuse work appeals, LA133-134

Red River College Early Childhood Centre Inc. See Early Learning and Child Care Act

Reducing Red Tape and Improving Services Act, 2020 (Bill 29)

Adult literacy reporting requirement, elimination of

Marcelino, LA194

Commettee meeting requirement

Goertzen, LA190

McCracken, LA189

Government Air Service Act, repeal of

Marcelino, LA194

Hearing panels, advocate attendance

Halprin, B., LA175

Marcelino, LA175

Hearing panels, no objection applications

Goertzen, LA174

Halprin, LA174

Halprin, B., LA175

Hearing panels, vetting of advocates

Halprin, B., LA174-175

Hearing panels, vulnerable persons

Halprin, LA173

Manure creation, transportation

Marcelino, LA194

New Home Warranty Act, repeal of

Marcelino, LA194

Opening statements

Goertzen, LA193-194

Marcelino, LA194

Provincial formulary, medication approval process

Goertzen, LA194

Public presentations

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, LA188-189

Halprin, LA173

Halprin, B., LA174-175

Manitoba Federation of Labour, LA176-177

McCracken, LA188-189

Rebeck, LA176-177

Vulnerable persons, no advocates

Halprin, B., LA175-176

Marcelino, LA175

Written submissions

Fenez, LA204

Reducing Red Tape and Improving Services Act, 2021 (Bill 55)

Adult Literacy Act, repeal of

Dallmann, LA50

Silver, LA43

Opening statements

Goertzen, LA54-55

Marcelino, LA55-56

Public presentations

Beddome, LA39

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, LA43-44

Dallman, LA50-51

Falconer, LA47-49

Green Party of Manitoba, LA39

Kettner, LA45-46

Manitoba Building Trades, LA40-42

Sandhu, S., LA40-42

Silver, LA43-44

Repossession of farm equipment

Beddome, LA39

Regional health authorities

Board composition, corporate appointments

Goertzen, B., SED122

Change of responsibilities

Jackson, SED120

Flexibility, need for

Jackson, SED120

Local advisory groups, elimination of

Gawronsky, SED125

Gerrard, SED121, SED124

Goertzen, B., SED122, SED124

Jackson, SED119-120, SED121

Rawsthorne, SED153-154

Regional Health Authorities Amendment Act (Health System Governance and Accountability) (Bill 10)

Accountability agreements

Jackson, SED119

Ministerial powers, increase in

Goertzen, B., SED122

Jackson, SED120

Opening statements

Asagwara, SED161-162

Stefanson, SED161

Public presentations

Amedick, SED133-135

Baillie, SED127-129

Doctors Manitoba, SED127-129

Dyck, SED140-142

Dyer, SED143-145

Gawronsky, SED124-125

Goertzen, B., SED121-123

Jackson, SED119-120

MacDonald, SED148-149

Manitoba Government and General Employees' Union, SED124-125

Manitoba Health Coalition, SED121-123

Manitoba Nurses Union, SED119-120

McKague, SED146-147

Mehmel, SED136-137

Miller, L., SED151

Nield, SED130-131

Rawluk, SED138-140

Rawsthorne, SED152-154

Sheldon, SED155-157

Wiebe, L., SED132

Reineke, Justin (Private Citizen)

Animal Diseases Amendment Act (Bill 62)

Animals in transport

Health condition of, AG62-63

Public presentations, AG62-63


Disease outbreaks, AG62

Treatment/condition of animals, AG62

Remillard, Loren (Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce)

Retail Business Hours of Operation Act (Various Acts Amended) (Bill 4)

Public presentations, SED13

Right to refuse work, SED14

Remote Witnessing and Commissioning Act (Various Acts Amended) (Bill 42)

Opening statements

Cullen, SED1-2

Fontaine, SED2

Rempel, Justin (Private Citizen)

Public Schools Amendment and Manitoba Teachers' Society Amendment Act (Bill 45)

Written submissions, SED280


Above-guideline rent increases

Brandon, SED532

Rent freeze

Brandon, SED531-532, SED533

Reporting of Supports for Child Survivors of Sexual Assault Act (Trained Health Professionals and Evidence Collection Kits) (Bill 213)


Clause 8

Friesen, JU85

Opening statements

Friesen, JU81-82

Lathlin, JU81

Public presentations

Kastrukoff, JU78-79

Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak Inc., JU76-77

The Pas Family Resource Centre-Minisewin Waska, JU78-79

Settee, JU76-77

Specially trained professionals, annual reporting

Sette, JU76

Retail Business Hours of Operation Act (Various Acts Amended) (Bill 4)

Labour Management Review Committee consultations

Fielding, SED17

Lindsey, SED17

Rothney, SED16-18

Municipal by-law authority

Rothney, SED16

Opening statements

Fielding, SED25

Lindsey, SED25-26

Public presentations

Alward, SED24-25

Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 1505, SED11

Canadian Federation of Independent Business, SED24-25

City of Brandon, SED21

Graham, SED9-10

Ignacio, SED11

Manitoba Federation of Labour, SED15-17

Remillard, SED13

Retail Council of Canada, SED9-10

Rothney, SED15-17

Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce, SED13-14

Public presentations (audio presentation)

Alward, SED24-25

Right to refuse work

Lindsey, SED14, SED26

Remillard, SED14

Statutary holiday's

Alward, SED24-25

Sunday shopping

Public transit staffing

Ignacio, SED11

Written submissions

Association of Manitoba Municipalities, SED28

Volkov, SED28

Retail Council of Canada. See Retail Business Hours of Operation Act (Various Acts Amended)

Retail sector

Employees, number of

Graham, SED9

Retail sector, COVID-19

Effects on

Graham, SED9

Online shopping increase

Graham, SED10

Personal protective equipment

Rothney, SED15

Robertson, Accalia (Private Citizen)

Animal Diseases Amendment Act (Bill 62)

Animals in transport

Health condition of, AG60

Biosecurity zone, definition of, AG61

Public presentations, AG59-61

Exceldor poultry processing facility

COVID-19 outbreak, AG59


Battery cages, egg production, AG60

Maple Leaf Foods

COVID-19 outbreak, AG59

Robson, Ian (Private Citizen)

Crown land

Ecosystem protection, SED466

Crown Land Dispositions Act (Various Acts Amended) (Bill 12)

Land consolidation, SED467

Public presentations, SED465-466

Rodewald, Keesy (Child Care Parent Advisory Committee)

Early Learning and Child Care Act (Bill 47)

Written submissions, LA284

Rosenbaum, Norman (Private Citizen)

Petty Trespasses Amendment and Occupiers' Liability Amendment Act (Bill 63)

Public presentations, JU47-48

Unlawful entry, JU48

Rothney, Anna (Manitoba Federation of Labour)

COVID-19, retail sector

Personal protective equipment, SED15

Personal protective equipment

Retail sector, SED15

Retail Business Hours of Operation Act (Various Acts Amended) (Bill 4)

Labour Management Review Committee consultations, SED16-18

Municipal by-law authority, SED16

Public presentations, SED15-17

Retail sector, COVID-19

Personal protective equipment, SED15

Rules of the House

Proposal 1: Gender-neutral language

Chaychuk, RH2

Proposal 2: Definitions of "Committee of the Whole House" and "critic"

Chaychuk, RH2

Proposal 3: Sessional calendar-sitting days for designated bills

Chaychuk, RH2

Proposal 4: Sessional calendar-specified bills wording

Chaychuk, RH3

Proposal 5: Voting-deferral exceptions

Yarish, RH3

Proposal 6: Naming provisions and naming not subject to appeal

Yarish, RH3

Proposal 7: Divisions during private members' business

Yarish, RH3

Proposal 8: Members' statements-including names in Hansard

Yarish, RH3-4

Proposal 9: Precedence of government orders

Yarish, RH4

Proposal 10: Budget debate speaking time exceptions

Chaychuk, RH4

Opening statements

Fontaine, RH1-2

Gerrard, RH2

Goertzen, RH1

Proposal 11: Thirty minute time limit exceptions

Chaychuk, RH4-5

Proposal 12: Committee of the Whole House

Yarish, RH5

Proposal 13: Speeches in Committee of the Whole

Chaychuk, RH11

Isleifson, RH11

Yarish, RH5

Proposal 14: Supply Chair rulings not subject to challenge

Yarish, RH5

Proposal 15: Opposition staff in the Chamber section of Supply

Chaychuk, RH5

Fontaine, RH5

Goertzen, RH5

Proposal 16: Motions to reduce line items in the Committee of Supply

Chaychuk, RH6

Proposal 17: Expiration of the 100 hours

Yarish, RH6

Proposal 18: Speeches in the Committee of Supply

Yarish, RH6

Proposal 19: Seating in Chamber Supply

Chaychuk, RH6

Gerrard, RH6

Goertzen, RH6

Yarish, RH6

Proposal 20: Altering the Estimates sequence

Chaychuk, RH7

Proposal 21: Voting in Supply on fridays

Chaychuk, RH7

Proposal 22: Global debate in Supply

Gerrard, RH7

Yarish, RH7

Proposal 23: Adding the Capital Supply resolution to the Estimates consideration list

Yarish, RH8

Proposal 24: Motion to leave the Chair

Yarish, RH8

Proposal 25: Presenting petitions

Chaychuk, RH8

Goertzen, RH8

Proposal 26: Deferral of report stage amendments

Chaychuk, RH8

Proposal 27: Speaking times on report stage amendments

Chaychuk, RH8-9

Proposal 28: Grouping report stage amendments

Yarish, RH9

Proposal 29: Appendix D-budget day procedure

Chaychuk, RH9

Yarish, RH9

Proposal 30: Appendix D-streamlining the main and capital process

Chaychuk, RH9-10

Proposal 31: Appendix E-speaking times

Chaychuk, RH10-11

Goertzen, RH10-11

Yarish, RH10-11

Rural Manitoba

Crime rate

Campbell, B., JU50-51

Fontaine, JU51

Friesen, JU50, JU53

Melnychuk, JU53

Rybuck, Cory (Manitoba Egg Farmers)

Animal Diseases Amendment Act (Bill 62)

Biosecurity zone, definition of, AG41

Public presentations, AG40-41


Start Clean-Stay Clean safety program, AG40


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