Permit Types

You will need to apply for a permit if any of the following apply to you or your vehicle

Permit Services offers three types of permits:

The Permit Holder is responsible:

  • for ensuring that all dimensions and weights shown on the permit are correct
  • for obtaining all municipal permits required along the route
  • that posted horizontal and vertical clearances are observed
  • that posted weight restrictions are observed
  • for any personal injury or property damage caused during the move, for any and all reasons, including routing error, act or omission by Manitoba government, or the cities of Winnipeg or Brandon.
  • for checking for closures or restrictions on the intended route before departing
  • for checking for adverse weather conditions on the intended route before departing

Permits are subject to cancellation under the authority of The Highway Traffic Act. Other responsibilities and permit condition(s) can be added at the discretion of the traffic authority for:

  • the vehicle
  • load dimensions
  • weights
  • the route(s) of travel
  • the type of permit being requested

Fees are listed in the Charges for Licences, Registrations, Permits and Other Services Regulation (PDF)