Permit Fees

You must apply for a permit if the vehicle (and load if applicable) does not conform to The Highway Traffic Act or Vehicles Weights and Dimensions on Classes of Highways Regulation (M.R. 155/2018) in any of the following ways:

  • Legal weights
  • Legal dimensions
  • vehicle specifications
  • operational regulations

See the Vehicle Weights and Dimensions Limits in Manitoba for information on weights, dimension and vehicle specifications.

You may also need to apply for a permit if you need to register for:

Fee Schedules


One move permits: a refund may be issued if:

  • the move wasn't completed
  • the time frame indicated in the permit has not expired
  • the refund is approved by the Permits Services Manager

Annual permits: a refund may be issued if:

  • the permit was issued in error and a replacement permit is issued
  • the refund is approved by the Permits Services Manager

City of Winnipeg Permits:

  • refund enquiries for City of Winnipeg permits that are not governed by policy should be referred to the City of Winnipeg at 204-986-5900

Cancelling Permits:

Transportation and Infrastructure (MI) can cancel permits on behalf of the Manitoba government, the City of Winnipeg and the City of Brandon if:

  • MI has knowledge that the permit holder, owner, operator or driver has failed to comply with a condition of the permit or has contravened the Highway Traffic Act or the Manitoba Public Insurance Act or their respective regulations
  • the permit holder has failed to pay a required permit fee
  • the permit holder requests that an active permit be cancelled, provided
  • the move was not initiated
  • and the permit has not expired

MI has the authority under agreement, the act or the regulations, to cancel the permit for any other reason, on behalf of the traffic authorities.

When a traffic authority cancels a permit, Transportation and Infrastructure will notify the permit holder by email and/or fax, and by postal service using information provided to the traffic authority by the permit holder.