Over Length Recreational Vehicle and Cargo Trailers in Manitoba

Unless you are operating a truck tractor and semitrailer configuration, the maximum legal trailer size in Manitoba is specified in the Vehicle Weights and Dimensions on Classes of Highways Regulation as:

  • Maximum legal length = 12.5 meters (41 feet)
  • Maximum legal width = 2.6 meters (8 ft., 6 inches)
  • Maximum legal height = 4.15 meters high (13 feet, 6 inches)

Since January 2021, trailer owners either registering a trailer for the first time or renewing their insurance annually will now declare the dimensions of their trailer when visiting an Autopac agent or Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) Service Centre. Trailers that do not fall within legal dimensions now have an alternative process for registration and insurance in Manitoba.

Transportation and Infrastructure is supporting trailer owners by providing an oversize permit to qualifying trailer owners. Once an oversize vehicle permit is in place, trailer owners apply for insurance coverage from MPI’s Special Risk Extension (SRE) division through their insurance broker.