Home Care Program

Often, people need ongoing health services or help with the activities of daily life - but don't require care in a hospital or a personal care home. The comprehensive Manitoba Home Care Program is designed to help you live with dignity in your own home, for as long as safely possible.

There is no age restriction. You can receive home care services if you: are a Manitoba resident and have Manitoba health coverage; need health services or help with day-to-day living; and require more help than existing supports such as friends, family and community resources can provide.

Your doctor, health care worker or a loved one can refer you for a home care assessment. You may also contact your local regional health authority yourself to arrange for an assessment.

Primary Caregiver Tax Credit

Manitobans who are the primary caregivers for family members or other loved ones are now eligible for a $1,275 tax credit ($1,020 prior to 2011). Caregivers eligible for the provincial tax credit are those who provide ongoing assistance with tasks such as bathing and dressing, preparing and eating meals, transportation and other needs, due to a loved one's cognitive, behavioural or physical challenges.