Health Services for Manitobans


If you are admitted to a hospital, Manitoba Health covers the cost of:

  • standard accommodation (not a private or semi-private room) and meals
  • basic nursing care
  • drugs prescribed by a doctor and given to you while you are in hospital
  • services performed by audiologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, respiratory therapists, speech therapists, social workers and other professionals in hospitals where these services are available
  • laboratory tests, X-rays and other diagnostic procedures
  • operating room and anesthetic facilities
  • medical and routine surgical supplies
  • diet planning and nutrition counselling


Diagnostic Tests

Wait times vary between facilities and specialists. The Manitoba Wait Time Information website can help you determine whether you can get the same test or treatment from a different facility sooner. Wait List Co-ordinators provide information to patients and their doctors to help them navigate the system and receive care sooner.


Pharmacare helps protect Manitobans from high drug costs. You pay only part of the cost of your eligible drug prescriptions - these costs are called the Pharmacare deductible. Pharmacare pays for the rest. Not all prescription drugs are covered by Pharmacare. You can find a list of eligible drugs on our website. In Manitoba, Pharmacare has no enrolment fees, maximum benefit payments, co-payments, premiums or age restrictions.

Manitoba Prostate Centre

Manitoba Prostate Centre is the provincial centre for prostate disease and provides access to diagnosis and therapy. It is staffed by a team that includes urologic surgeons, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, nurses, a psychosocial clinician and registered dietitian. The team provides assessment, diagnostics, treatment and support for men with prostate disease.