Housing Options for Older Manitobans

The needs and abilities of older Manitobans change gradually over time. The kinds of changes and when they occur vary from one person to the next. Although many seniors can remain active and independent in their own homes, others need a little help to continue living in the community.

Placement in a personal care home is not the only option to meet the changing needs of older adults. Many seniors can safely remain in their community if they have assistance with their daily routine or basic health needs.

Supportive housing for seniors

As needs and abilities change with age, older Manitobans may find themselves in need of a safe, comfortable housing option. The Manitoba government-supported Aging in Place initiative may have the answer. Through this initiative, seniors have access to community housing with options for support and assistance that can be increased over time, according to need. These options may include supportive housing, group living facilities and specialized supports. Living in a supported environment offers independence while at the same time providing social interaction, personal safety and basic amenities like community dining rooms, housekeeping help and laundry assistance. Residents pay the cost of rent and a service package (ex: meals, laundry and housekeeping), as required. You may also contact your local regional health authority.

Independent Senior's Housing

In addition to the government-supported programs described here, there are private facilities that offer independent, apartment-style living and additional amenities such as laundry/linen service, transportation, light housekeeping and meals for a separate fee. For information about the types and costs of the services offered at a private facility, ask the landlord or property management office for details.

Age and Opportunity publishes the Winnipeg Seniors Housing Directory that contains information on housing for seniors in the city of Winnipeg. The Directory includes Independent Living, life Leasing, Assisted Living, Compansion Care, Support Housing, Intermediate Personal Care Homes.

Rural Seniors' Housing Directory

Personal Care Homes

Personal care homes are designed for individuals who require 24-hour daily nursing care as well as other care needs that cannot be met in the community. Personal care services are offered throughout Manitoba and include:

  • meals, including meals for special diets
  • assistance with daily living activities like bathing, getting dressed and using the bathroom
  • basic nursing care
  • routine medical and surgical supplies
  • prescribed drugs eligible under Manitoba's Personal Care Home Program
  • physiotherapy and occupational therapy, if the facility is approved to provide these services
  • routine laundry and linen services

Every resident of a personal care home pays a daily residential fee based on income. Your spouse or partner's income is included in this calculation. The residential fee covers only a portion of the cost of staying in a personal care home - the province covers the remaining cost.

To move to a personal care home, a case co-ordinator performs an initial assessment and helps you apply. You and/or someone who can legally make decisions on your behalf need to decide in which Manitoba personal care homes you would prefer to stay. If you are eligible, there may be a waiting period before your preferred home is available. If you need immediate placement, or if you are in hospital waiting for a bed, you may be asked to accept a temporary placement. Once a bed is available, you are moved to the personal care home of your choosing. To speak with a case co-ordinator and start the process, contact your local regional health authority.