Special Medical Equipment

Breast Prosthesis Program

Manitoba Health also covers part of the cost of medically prescribed breast prostheses or surgical brassieres for people who have had a mastectomy (that is, surgery to remove a breast or breast tissue).

Hearing aids for children

When a qualified doctor prescribes a hearing aid for a child under 18, Manitoba Health pays 80 per cent of the cost over a specific deductible amount. The program covers one new hearing device per ear every four years (or more often if the doctor diagnoses a change in hearing).

Orthopedic shoes

This program helps parents pay for orthopedic shoes for children under age 18 with foot deformities. Manitoba Health covers a portion of the cost of medically prescribed shoes, up to a maximum amount. The program covers two pairs of shoes per year.

Prosthetics and orthotics

Some people with physical disabilities need a medically prescribed prosthetic device (such as an artificial limb) or orthotic device (such as a brace for a weak joint or muscle) for everyday living. In most cases, Manitoba Health covers the full cost, up to a maximum amount.

Telecommunications devices (TDD)

Manitoba Health helps pay for a telecommunications device (TDD) for Manitoba residents of any age with a profound speech or hearing impairment. The program covers 80 per cent of the cost up to a maximum of one device every five years, subject to a deductible amount for Prosthetics and orthotics.