Mental Health Services

Mental health problems range from mental stress and strain to severe disorders. Mental health is as important as physical health and spiritual health to our overall well-being.

Manitoba's mental health services include:

  • promoting good mental health
  • identifying and intervening early in mental illness
  • helping people living with mental health disorders


These services are provided through regional health authorities, the Selkirk Mental Health Centre and self-help and family support organizations.

If your family doctor or Employee Assistance Plan refers you, Manitoba Health pays for the services of a psychiatrist. To find a psychiatrist in your area contact your local regional health authority or ask your family doctor.

Community mental health services

Community mental health services include assessment, case management, rehabilitation, supportive counselling and crisis intervention. Community-based mental health services are operated by regional health authorities or through contracted organizations. These services assist people with mental health difficulties to develop coping and living skills and obtain other community services needed to meet their living needs and personal goals.

Acute-care treatment facilities provide psychiatric care and treatment in inpatient psychiatric units of general hospitals or community health centres operated by regional health authorities.

Outpatient services are provided at many community hospitals and health centres. These services include identification, assessment, treatment and case management services for persons with mental health difficulties.

Mental health self-help services

Community-based mental health self-help organizations provide help and support from others with similar mental health experiences. These organizations also help the public understand mental illness.

Learning more about mental illness

The Mental Health Education Resource Centre (MHERC) has a website and a library of educational resources. Service providers and the public can borrow print materials and videotapes on a wide range of subjects, including eating disorders, substance use disorders and suicide prevention.

Opportunities for people with mental health challenges

Partnership for Consumer Empowerment works with consumers to educate the public, service providers and others about opportunities for people with mental health challenges to become more involved in their communities.

Manitoba Farm and Rural Support Services

Provides information, support, counselling and outreach to farmers, rural & Northern Manitobans of all ages. The services are free and confidential. Call our toll free helpline to speak to a trained counsellor 1-866-367-3276, or use our on-line supports (chat & email)

Provincial mental health centre

The Selkirk Mental Health Centre (SMHC) is an inpatient facility providing long-term treatment and rehabilitation for Manitobans whose challenging mental health needs cannot be met elsewhere in the health care system. SMHC also provides short-term inpatient care for Manitobans from regions where acute mental health care services are not locally available.