Cancer Services

Cancer Screening Programs

In Manitoba, cancer is fought on many fronts:

  • preventing cancer by encouraging people to make healthy lifestyle choices
  • detecting cancer as early as possible, while it is still curable
  • treating cancer with the help of the latest medical science
  • providing palliative care in the final stages of life for patients when the disease cannot be cured


Early detection is key to successful cancer treatment. More info from CancerCare Manitoba.

Prostate Cancer

Manitoba Health and CancerCare Manitoba encourage men to have regular check-ups that include a prostate examination. This is particularly important for men 50 and over, and for those at risk for prostate cancer because of family history. Speak with your doctor or other health care provider for more information.

Manitoba Prostate Centre is the provincial centre for prostate disease and provides access to diagnosis and therapy. It is staffed by a team that includes urologic surgeons, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, nurses, a psychosocial clinician and registered dietician. The team provides assessment, diagnostics, treatment and support for men with prostate disease.

Referrals to the Prostate Centre can be made by your urologist or family physician.

Manitoba Cervical Cancer Screening Program

This provincial program provides Manitoba women with awareness and information on the reasons for and benefits of Pap smears. This confidential computerized registry helps doctors remind women aged 18 to 69 of the need for regular Pap tests, and ensures doctors follow up on abnormal tests. Family doctors, gynecologists and nurse practitioners do Pap tests. Manitoba Cervical Cancer Screening Program


Manitoba Health introduced this bowel cancer screening program in 2007 for men and women between 50 and 74 years of age. Through the program, eligible Manitobans receive a screening kit (fecal occult blood test or FOBT) for early detection of colorectal cancer and follow-up as required. ColonCheck's website


Women in Manitoba over age 50 can get free mammography (breast scans) every two years at permanent centres in Winnipeg, Boundary Trails Health Centre, Brandon and Thompson, and at mobile clinics in rural and northern centres. Women under 50 years of age should discuss breast care with their doctor. BreastCheck's website

The WRHA Breast Health Centre

If women or men from anywhere in Manitoba are concerned about breast symptoms, this centre can provide diagnosis, treatment planning, information and support. A hereditary breast cancer clinic provides genetic counselling and testing for women or men at high risk of hereditary breast cancer. Talk to your doctor. Breast Health Centre's website

Community organizations and resources

Communities throughout Manitoba have dedicated, local organizations working with patients and families who are fighting cancer. Call your local regional health authority for the programs nearest you. There are many community organizations that can offer you support.

Palliative drug care

Patients in the final stages of life can have their eligible prescription drug costs completely covered under the Palliative Care Drug Access Program. There is no deductible and the program is available to palliative care patients whether they reside at home or in a facility.

Free Cancer Drugs

The Home Cancer Drug (HCD) Program is a program for Manitobans diagnosed with cancer that allows access to eligible outpatient oral cancer and specific supportive drugs at no cost to the patient. Covering the cost of eligible drugs removes what can sometimes be a major financial burden.