Residential Caregivers, Domestic Workers and Live-In Nannies

Deductions from Wages

Employers are responsible for paying employees properly for all hours worked. 

Employees and employers are sometimes unsure what can be deducted or held by the employer from those wages.  The general rule is employers can only deduct money required by a law, or money the employee agrees to pay for something that is a direct benefit to them.

Domestic Workers (Live-In Nannies)

Domestic workers often live and work in their employer’s home caring for members of the household, or managing the employer’s private residence. Some domestic workers are exempt from certain parts of The Employment Standards Code.

Employees in Self-Managed and Family-Managed Care

If you receive funding for home care from any of the Regional Health Authorities (RHA) in Manitoba, this fact sheet outlines the expectations of Manitoba Health and Manitoba Employment Standards with respect to employee entitlements under the Employment Standards Code (the Code).

Information related to home care is specific to the RHA jurisdiction in which a person falls.  You can find out more about your RHA and the role they play in self and family-managed care programs at:

Paying Wages and Keeping Records

Employers and employees need to keep accurate records of the hours worked and the amount paid for those hours. Employers must pay employees for all hours they work and explain how the pay was calculated. Employment Standards requires employers to keep pay records for three years.  

Residential Caregivers

Residential caregivers live in the homes of the people they help to live independently. They are protected by the Employment Standards legislation but have conditions related to their hours of work and rest periods.

Vacations and Vacation Pay

Employees must receive at least 2 weeks of vacation per year for the first four years of employment, and a minimum of 3 weeks of vacation after the fifth consecutive year.

For each week of vacation, employees are entitled to 2% of the wages earned in that year, meaning that, employers may put vacation pay on every cheque, or they may choose to pay out at the time of the vacation leave.

What is Minimum Wage?

The minimum wage is the lowest amount, per hour, employees must be paid by their employers for work in Manitoba.