Privacy Agreement

Notice of Collection of Personal Information

  1. Online Child Care Registry is a Government of Manitoba, Department of Families (“the Department”) program that works with licensed child care providers in Manitoba.
  2. The Department will use the personal information you submit on this application form to process and administer your applications for placement of your child on a placement waiting list with child care providers you select, licensed under the authority of The Community Child Care Standards Act.
  3. By completing this application form, you are representing and warranting to the Department that you have the authority to consent on behalf of each person for whom you have provided personal information, such as a spouse and children.
  4. The collection of the personal information to be entered on this application form is authorized by section 36(1) (b) of The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act as the information is related to and necessary for the Department’s Online Child Care Registry. Questions can be directed to the Early Learning and Child Care Program at onlinechildcareregistry@gov.mb.ca or by calling 1-(888)-213-4754.
  5. The personal information you provide on the form will be shared with the licensed child care providers you have selected on the application form.
  6. Please note that if one of these providers contacts you to collect further personal information about you, your child, or anyone else: the collection, use, and sharing of that information are governed by that individual provider’s privacy policy. The Department is not responsible for the personal information practices of the licensed child care provider. Concerns about its practices should be communicated to the child care provider directly.

Consent to Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

In order for your application to be accepted you will also need to check the box that indicates you consent to the personal information you have provided being used by the Department and shared with the service providers you have selected.

I consent to the Department using, and disclosing to service providers I have selected, the personal information provided on the application form for the purposes set out in the Notice.