Child Care Assistant and Early Childhood Educator Classification

Anyone seeking paid employment in a child care centre in Manitoba may apply for classification. Classification levels are based on completed education. Volunteers may also apply for classification. There are three levels in Manitoba:

  • Child Care Assistant (CCA)
  • Early Childhood Educator II (ECE II)
  • Early Childhood Educator III (ECE III).

The process of classification must be completed before beginning employment at a licensed child care centre. Licensed family child care providers do not require classification. There is no charge to apply for classification.

In Manitoba, all Child Care Assistants (CCAs) and licensed home-based child care providers are required to complete a 40 hour course related to early childhood education within the first year of employment.

For a full explanation of classification in Manitoba, read Information on the Classification of Early Childhood Educators and Child Care Assistants.

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Apply for classification as a Child Care Assistant (CCA)

Applicants do not need a completed post-secondary education specific to the early childhood education field to apply for this classification.

Apply for Classification as an Early Childhood Educator (ECE II or ECE III)

This classification level requires a minimum of two years post-secondary education specific to early childhood education at an approved institution or the completion of a competency-based or prior learning assessment program offered by the Early Learning and Child Care Program. Applicants must submit original transcripts along with a completed application.

Apply to Upgrade Classification

Those already classified as a CCA or an ECE II may apply for higher classification if they have completed further education in early childhood education.

Apply to Re-Issue Certificate

If your name has changed on your certificate, or your certificate has been lost or damaged, you can apply for a reissue of your certificate. A copy of proof of name change, if applicable, must be provided with the application.

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