Early Learning and Child Care Building Fund

Tip Sheet

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Who is eligible to apply?

Any non-profit child care incorporation or group.

How much funding is available?

A total of $2.8 million is available on an annual basis to support community-based capital projects.

What items are eligible for capital funding?

Professional design fees and construction costs related to the approved capital project are eligible for reimbursement.

Professional design fees are retroactively eligible for reimbursement if the project is approved.

What is not eligible for capital funding?

Property purchase and construction started prior to formal approval are not considered eligible expenses.

Equipment purchases are not considered capital expenses.

What is the maximum grant available?

40% of capital costs up to a maximum of $600,000.  Projects may not receive approval for the maximum grant for which they are eligible as grant allocations are dependent on availability of funds and number of applications received.

What is eligible for remaining funds?

The remaining funding obtained by the non-profit child care group can be through any other foundations, funders, financial institutions, in kind contributions, provincial or federal sources.

How do I apply?

During an intake period, notification is sent to all licensed child care centres and to Child Care Coordinators, as well as to other proponents who have expressed interest in establishing a licensed non-profit community based centre.

Applications are only accepted during the announced intake period.

The application deadline is October 27, 2017.

How am I notified?

Approval letters will be provided for projects to proceed to construction after April 1st.

What if I want to begin construction prior to April 1st?

Projects that are seeking to begin construction prior to April 1st should contact the capital projects coordinator to discuss project eligibility.

What criteria are used to assess my application?

The application process is merit based and as such, applications are assessed relative to all applications received during the intake period. Criteria considered include:

  • readiness of the project to proceed to construction with an emphasis on confirming that remaining required funds and/or financing are in place;
  • the number and type of new ELCC spaces created by the project (infant and preschool spaces are prioritized)
  • meeting community need for child care spaces, based on existing community coverage statistics (i.e. percentage of spaces to child population);
  • the number of pending spaces related to other approved capital projects in the community
  • the financial viability of the completed centre operations;
  • considering existing licensing exemptions, site health and safety issues identified by an agency or authority (Fire, Public health)
  • being part of another province-wide initiative committed to by the Manitoba Government.

All applications are ranked based on the above criteria. Funding is based on available discretionary spending. 

Additional information

All approved projects must meet the Manitoba Green Building Program requirements. More information is available at the Manitoba Green Building Program

Projects must be tendered and receive a minimum of three complete bids.

Construction must begin within two years of grant approval or funding will be withdrawn. Applicants may re-apply for funding consideration when their project is ready to proceed.  Prior grant approval does not guarantee future grant approval.

Premises should either be owned by the non-profit organization or a memorandum of understanding for a long term lease with estimated lease costs provided.

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