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December 2021 Selected New Titles (PDF)

Librarian's Picks for December 2021:

At the pleasure of the Crown : the politics of bureaucratic appointments

/ Christopher A. Cooper.
Vancouver : UBC Press, 2020. 133 pages.

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From the publisher:

Unlike most public servants, top administrators – those who manage thousands of personnel and oversee millions of dollars in public spending – are appointed by the head of government. And the relationships between ministers and senior public officials occur largely behind closed doors. At the Pleasure of the Crown is a detailed exploration of this central but overlooked aspect of governing.

Using an impressive array of quantitative and qualitative data, Christopher A. Cooper analyzes the appointment of deputy ministers in Canada’s provincial bureaucracies over the last century. As the nature of governance has shifted, from limited government to welfare state and into the contemporary era of managerialism, governments have looked for different competencies and qualities in those who occupy top bureaucratic posts. Partisan loyalty was replaced by candid advice, and ultimately by feverish devotion to the policy agenda. During this evolution, turnover among bureaucratic elites has remained highly political.

At the Pleasure of the Crown illuminates what these trends say about the historical balance of power between elected politicians and appointed bureaucrats in our democratic society. As a critical assessment of political-public service relationships, it also asks a key question: What are the consequences for the integrity of Canadian public institutions?

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Democracy after coronavirus : five challenges for the 2020s

/ Célia Belin and Giovanna De Maio.
Washington, DC : Brookings Institute, 2020. 14 pages.

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From the publisher:

2020 will forever be the year of coronavirus, a cataclysmic event in slow motion that has disrupted people’s lives and disseminated a sense of uncertainty and vulnerability comparable only to times of war.

Pressed by the fast pace of infections while fearing massively disruptive economic impact, political leaders around the world faced the challenge of acting quickly in a fog of scientific uncertainty, leading them to impose (or not impose) lockdown measures limiting personal freedom and democratic participation.

The democratic model has long been under stress, with the rise of homegrown populist and nationalist movements, and external geopolitical threats from resilient authoritarian actors. But COVID-19 created a new kind of stress test, bringing into question globalization, democratic decisionmaking, the reliability of science and information, and ultimately the ability of the democratic model to cope with devastating events.

In this regard, this paper argues that there are five main challenges for democracies after coronavirus: protecting the safety and integrity of elections, finding the right place for expertise, coping with resurgent populism and nationalism, countering homegrown and foreign disinformation, and defending the democratic model. After delineating these challenges, it offers policy recommendations for democratic resilience in the 2020s.

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Lead from the future : how to turn visionary thinking into breakthrough growth

/ Mark W. Johnson and Josh Suskewicz.
Boston : Harvard Business Review Press, 2020. vii, 237 pages.

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Review from Choice Reviews:

The late Clayton M. Christensen of the Harvard Business School is credited with having formulated the concept of disruptive innovation—the idea that leading companies are often unable and unwilling to respond to seismic threats to their business, especially when the threat comes from businesses emerging seemingly out of nowhere. Johnson, the cofounder of Christensen's consulting firm, has now teamed with his organizational colleague (Suskewicz) to examine the idea of disruptive innovation from the perspective of strategic leadership. The basic tenet of the current book is that the conventional mode of strategic thinking, termed "present-forward," incorrectly assumes that the future will be an incremental version of the present. Instead, as argued here, the best idea is to manage with a "future-back" perspective, one that involves envisioning a vastly different future, and translating that into actions for the present. As the authors point out using both persuasive arguments and effective examples, this proposal does not just represent a semantic shift, but rather calls for a fundamental shift in formulating strategy. The book is both a philosophical treatise on managing in a world filled with ambiguity and a practical step-by-step guide for what strategic planning should be. Summing Up: Recommended. Graduate students, faculty, and professionals.

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Behind closed doors : the law and politics of Cabinet secrecy

/ Yan Campagnolo.
Vancouver : UBC Press, 2021. xii, 337 pages.

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From the publisher:

Yan Campagnolo defends the practice of Cabinet secrecy by demonstrating that it is essential to the proper functioning of responsible government while finding that the secrecy regime at the federal level in Canada is excessively broad and possibly unconstitutional. This regime deprives the courts of the authority to meaningfully review the legality of executive action. Based on a comparative analysis of the rules that apply at the provincial level in Canada and in the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand--and an assessment of the latest developments in constitutional and administrative law--this meticulous work develops a feasible solution. Behind Closed Doors proposes innovative reforms that would achieve a better balance between government transparency and confidentiality. Those who operate the levers of power would do well to heed Campagnolo’s practical advice.

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Queering representation : LGBTQ people and electoral politics in Canada

/ edited by Manon Tremblay.
Vancouver : UBC Press, 2019. xiv, 358 pages.

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From the publisher:

Queering Representation explores long-ignored issues relating to LGBTQ voters and politicians in Canada. Because political representation matters. And representation requires participation: voting, joining political parties, running as candidates, acting as politicians. Yet the election of openly LGBTQ people - lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and queer - is a relatively recent phenomenon in the West. The presence at the heart of state power of individuals associated with historically ostracized, even criminalized, identities raises important questions. What are the LGBTQ electorate's characteristics and voting behaviours, and what empowerment has it achieved through electoral systems? How do straight voters view out LGBTQ politicians, and what part do the media play in framing these perceptions? What pathways to power do LGBTQ politicians follow? Do they represent LGBTQ people and communities in particular, and, if so, how is this role articulated? And finally, how do Canadian party ideologies shape LGBTQ representation? The so-called democratic deficit - whereby particular social, ethnic, and sex/gender groups have traditionally been excluded from the political landscape - is a significant concern not only for scholars but for the Canadian public. The contributors to Queering Representation offer diverse, nuanced readings of political representation, shining a spotlight on relations between electoral processes and LGBTQ communities.

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