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Effect of an Agreement

Separating spouses or common-law partners may make a private agreement, out of court, for spousal support. They may do this as part of a formal, written separation agreement.

Can the court order support if an agreement has already been made?

Where spouses or common-law partners have made an agreement respecting spousal/partner support, the court is unlikely to make a different order. The Family Law Act doesn’t allow the court to make a spousal/partner support order different from a provision in a separation agreement, unless:

  • The paying spouse has not made the payments.
  • The support payments agreed to were not adequate, considering the parties’ circumstances when the agreement was made.
  • The dependent spouse or partner is now receiving, or needs, government assistance.

The federal Divorce Act does not contain similar provisions preventing the court from making a spousal support order different from an agreement, but it does direct the court to consider an agreement. The Divorce Act only applies to people who are or have been married to each other and have made court applications under that Act. It does not apply to common-law partners.