Wildlife Management Areas

The Manitoba Wildlife Act provides for the designation of Crown lands as wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) for the "better management, conservation and enhancement of the wildlife resource of the province.

The first WMA, named after Watson P. Davidson, was established in southeastern Manitoba in 1961. Since then, the system has grown to encompass almost 2 million hectares (5 million acres) of valuable wildlife habitat throughout the province.

Wildlife Management Areas exist for the benefit of wildlife and for the enjoyment of people. They play an important role in biodiversity conservation and provide for a variety of wildlife-related forms of recreation, including birding and wildlife watching. Hunting and trapping are generally permitted in WMAs, but these activities may be prohibited or restricted in a few areas. The use of vehicles, off-road vehicles, watercraft, power boats, or airboats, may be restricted in some areas. WMAs are open year round and have no entrance fees.

Consult the annual Manitoba Hunting Guide or contact the nearest Manitoba Economic Development, Investment, Trade and Natural Resources office to see which restrictions, if any, may apply to the area you intend to visit. Certain activities may require a WMA Use Permit, and applications for these permits are available on this web site. Permits may not be issued for some requested activities. Please allow a minimum of 28 working days for processing an application.

Visit the Wildlife Management Area Map, which includes detailed descriptions of each WMA and a list of game species that are known to occur there.